Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wine Review

Hi,I'm a Chgo area /self employed musician/bookseller always writing stuff. Not sure what your rate of compensation is but throwing a piece at you regardless. I've been weaned on Buchowski, 60s 70s culture filtered through 80s/90s experimentation/mutation.
Edward Bock

Red Red Wine Whine Wine!

Everybody has a current favorite and most of the winos I know won’t hesitate to tell you what theirs is. I’m going to go there as well, knowing how subjective wine tastes are and that availability of certain “good bang for the buck” varieties are limited.My wife and I stumbled (on recommendation from our liquor store floor guy) on Ménage a Trois 2006 & 2007 which is going for around 8.00 and is thankfully lacking in the cheap vinegary-too much alcohol flavor of many that we have tried in the 5-10.00 range.After going through a few cases of this stuff , we discovered that it’s currently being featured at Sam’s Club (we’re in the Chgo /O’Hare area).Not to get too over the top about what we both thought of/agreed was different about this one. Got an overall “uplifting” feeling after killing a bottle together, was a “sweet talking wine” and no after burn/headache. The taste was more grape than anything and is a decent blend of Merlot/Cabernet & Zinfandel, bottled by a Napa Valley winery with what we considered to be good blending sensibilities.Oh and by the way. “F” two-buck chuck. Edward Bock9/16/08

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