Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sons of Thunder

That day has finally arrived. You knew it was bound to happen one day but you had no idea when it would happen. Your friends and family have all gathered around your grave filled with sorrow at your sudden departure from the planet earth. A thunderous voice cries out “you are dead!” while you stare with confusion at your own gravestone. How can I be dead I still look and feel like I am alive?

Suddenly, a large movie screen appears on the horizon as you begin to watch the screen you realize it is a replay of your entire life. You start to recall all the fun times you had with your family and friends growing up. The cherished moments in your life that made you laugh and smile all went by so fast. Then the pictures start to reveal another side of you that you tried to forget. You begin to see every time you told a lie a during your lifetime. You remember all those times you disobeyed your parents and stole items that did not belong to you. All those times you had sex outside of marriage and looked at another person with lustful thoughts. The hairs on your neck stand up as you begin to sense the presence of a figure standing beside you. He whispers in your ear with a sinister voice “I have been waiting patiently for you. I know you don’t like liars, thieves and adulterers yet that is what you practiced on earth. You are guilty of breaking the very laws you agree with and that makes you a hypocrite!”

Fear and terror begins to grip you as more dark figures begin to appear in a circle around you. Their presence is pure evil and they smell like dead and decaying flesh. They cackle and laugh as the screen continues to show all of your secret sins which you thought nobody knew about. The shame and embarrassment becomes overwhelming as Satan makes his claim for you soul.

You stated Lord if anyone denies you while they are alive you will deny them right back. I want this human sent to hell as punishment for breaking God’s Laws (The Ten Commandments).

To which a loud voice replies “I was beaten, whipped, spit on, mocked and crucified for their sins. I took the punishment they deserve for breaking the law so they could avoid God’s wrath. They have refused the salvation I have freely provided so there is no escaping judgment. I told them if they do not believe that I am he they will die in their sins!”

The demonic figures begin to wrap thick chains around your hands and feet as you begin to cry out for mercy and forgiveness. Your cries fall on deaf ears as the demons start to bite and claw at your flesh. Satan begins to laugh when you realize it is your own fault that you are being condemned. You begin to hear the voices of other people crying out in pain and torment as you descend into hellfire for eternity.

The alarm clock goes off as you are suddenly awakened from this horrifying dream. The room feels like an inferno as you wipe the drops of sweat off your brow. Your heart is pulsating in your chest from the intensity of the nightmare. You begin to think to yourself that felt so real as if it was really happening to me. What if there really is a place called hell described in the Bible? What if the Christians are right about God’s Law and our moral conscience telling us what is right and wrong?

Questions begin to rack your brain as you lay back down to try and get some rest. It is still dark outside so you set the alarm for an extra hour of sleep. Slowly you begin to drift off to sleep when you hear a voice whisper in your ear. "If you don't listen to the prophets"

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