Thursday, April 19, 2018

once read my palms and warned me

i don't think i
have been out
on a date in
over a decade

a woman once
read my palms
and warned me
i was going to
have a long,
lonely life

my father
always told
me those
women are
gypsies and
full of shit

yet another
example of
why i should
have never
listened to
that fucker
strike up a conversation

i never trust
any man that
sits right next
to me when
there are plenty
of other seats
to choose from

in three minutes
this fucker is
going to try to
strike up a

and i'll be in
the middle of
scribbling down
a poem

this won't turn
out well
those people

of evil


i grew
up around
plenty of
racist people

i always
was proud
of escaping
that disease

so many
years later
and yet

i see no one
has come up
with a cure
for ignorance
when the demons tell you

put on some old
otis redding songs
grab a bottle of
good whiskey
and a cheap cigar

it's one of those
nights where
you'll be done
when the demons
tell you

you are done

unblemished souls
in this neighborhood
don't understand
your plight

but if they get too
damn close to the
property line

they certainly
will have a new
appreciation for
their crazy neighbor
one of these strong drinks

i think back
to all my bad
choices and
play what if
on these nights
where i can't

it solves
and i
give into

i remember
a homeless
guy once told
me after i gave
him a cigarette
that i never
should look
back, nothing
but horror and

yet another
grain of salt
i have pissed

but one of these
days one of these
strong drinks will
finally allow me 
to reboot the

of course, i think
insanity is a very
fine line
waxing poetic

i'm sure one day
i'll look back on
these years and
laugh, think about
how foolish i was
at the time, etc.

but there's that
uneasy part of
my gut that
wonders if
i have already
pissed those
years away

and without
even realizing

i'm toasting my
final goodbyes
and waxing poetic
without knowing

perhaps that's just
me trying to think
positive for a change
J.J. Campbell

Helpless I do not know if good intentions prevail among the elected, among the appointed, leaving me apprehensive that the fate ...