Saturday, December 19, 2020

Gary Beck/Turbulence


A grudge festers

year in, year out,

reaches boiling point,

leads to detonation.

Someone goes postal,

invades an office,

shoots bystanders

with no concern

for innocence, guilt,

just blind anger

delivering death


Gary Beck




affects so many,


with information

from the internet,

the fountain of knowledge

diffused electronically,

insufficient questioning

building blind acceptance.

Gary Beck



Rape and Pillage

The system I grew up with,

a democratic ideal

of checks and balances

to preserve basic rights,

has been loudly overturned

by an ignorant, dangerous leader

who knows not the harm he does.

He collaborates with destruction

of the environment,

undermines the economy

with irresponsible trade wars,

betrays the American people

by diminishing opportunities,

and shatters the international order

that has prevented World War III

since 1946.

Is he evil? Insane? Both?

What else could explain

his assault on the nation?

Gary Beck



Traffic Jam

Sirens frequently go off

in large cities,

police, fire, ambulances.

Once we moved out of the way

so emergency services got through.

Now many are reluctant to move

unwilling to give up their place,

urgent to reach destinations.

Of course they don’t realize

that if they were in the ambulance

in a race for life and death

the traffic obstructions

would insure they wouldn’t arrive alive.

Gary Beck




It’s almost reassuring

in a society gone mad

when someone has a reason

for a deadly rampage.

We grow accustomed

to mindless assaults

on schools, churches,

other gathering places

where we presume safety,

until fatally reminded

by sudden attack.

Gary Beck 

Helpless I do not know if good intentions prevail among the elected, among the appointed, leaving me apprehensive that the fate ...