Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Elegaic for a Week of Incivility

It started with Joe Wilson's "You Lie," to the President,
In chambers, televised for all to see,
One apology, that's enough, so what?!
I was frustrated, I heckled, what's the fuss, gee?!

Then came Serena, not so serene,
On court, doing her best Johnny Mac,
Another line judged crossed, tantrums in ladies' tennis,
Grand Slam means not only the ball is attacked.

At the same time, MJ, inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame,
Accepted, dissing, from high school to the pros, who he didn't like,
To his kids: "You...have a heavy burden...I wouldn't want to be you...,"
Do people still want to be like Mike?

Running for Governor in Virginia, Bob McDonnell,
When interviewed, of f---ing mechanisms spoke,
He said he meant "funding;" oops, believe it, or not,
The "culture warrior" now seems more like a joke.

But worst of all, Kanye, dissing poor Taylor,
Spoiling the teen's moment, narcissistic and crass,
Thank you Beyonce, for being so gracious,
And showing the rest of us the meaning of class.

Just as Serena was fined and said "sorry," three days late,
There was Roger, cursing, what is Arthur Ashe thinking from above?
Sure, no one likes to lose, particularly a champ,
But the solipsism gives new meaning to the tennis terms "upset" and "love."

From the world of politics, sports and entertainment,
Modeling poorly, it's common, there's no getting away,
Outbursts, ego and swear words, regrets only after the fact,
Elegiac for a week of incivility.

Karen Ann DeLuca

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