Monday, September 14, 2009

Just Look What Has Become of US?

No one says "please" or "thank you,"
"Hello," or "excuse me" as they shove by,
Newt called Nancy by her last name,
We're accustomed to rarely being looked in the eye.

I've been woken up by loud TV, blaring music,
Thumps and slams in the middle of night,
My neighbor's website boast a hobby of "bothering people,"
That has given me a fright.

For the ex, name calling came naturally,
"Bitch," "evil," "worthless," and "whore,"
I had enough by the time he took a swing,
The police hauled him out the door.

And what about the language on radio or TV,
Talking heads screaming over each other,
If "leaders" don't model or show respect,
How can we expect it from our "brother?"

Online it's even worse,
Borderline "opinions" and inflammatory trash talk rule the day,
The only line that's been drawn is in New York,
Where calling someone a "skank" or a "ho" is not okay.

In business, always trying to put one over,
Disingenuous discourse to see who can be gypped,
A person's word used to be their bond,
It's worth has certainly dipped.

We used to be able to calmly converse,
Have a dialogue, agree to disagree,
Now you can go to a town hall meeting,
And leave one finger free!

Woodstock and Kumbaya were not so long ago,
Is this rudeness the result of thirty years of "partisanship plus?"
We're shrinking in the eyes of the world,
No wonder, just look what has become of US!

We're acting like animals, not using our brains,
Less "listening tour," more national Jerry Springer show,
No civility, no empathy, adrenaline fueled vitriol and rage,
With a Congressman calling the President a liar, we've hit a new low.

Karen Ann DeLuca

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