Sunday, May 19, 2013


As I tuned in and out of the Daytona 500,
     I was struck by the repetitive ads for Low T,
I began to wonder if the condition was a real problem...
     And whether it could be connected to what ails society!
Most of our mass murderers are young men,
     Ditto those who gun down individuals, as a rule,
Hormones raging and at their highest lifetime levels,
     It's no coincidence for the front lines of the military, they recruit out of high school.
Environmental influences and changes have accelerated puberty and precociousness,
     Baby Boomer men medicate to stay "manly" and eternally young,
Athlete after athlete has been shamed for "performance enhancing,"
     Yet the praises of testosterone - for both sexes - are still sung...
Although a lot of violence and aggression seems to be linked to it,
     Maybe it's time to evaluate why we prize C19H28O2 - and "masculinity" - so much,
Can we at least agree to fund some research on this chemical imbalance?
     Instead of fashioning gun policy on political equations...really nothing more than a hunch.
Strong Sandy Hook sentiment sagged in less than a hundred days,
     Right at the start of the "Spring Shooting Season,"
Unbelievably unrevived by the Boston Marathon bombings,
     Many still searching for a cause other than weaponry as a reason.
Blame immigrants...the mentally ill..."others" not like "US,"
     While ignoring the common denominator - males in their twenties and teens,
The focus should be on why that cohort has such a disrespect for life,
     Or else expect more frequent, year round, sickening, savage scenes.
Karen Ann DeLuca

Helpless I do not know if good intentions prevail among the elected, among the appointed, leaving me apprehensive that the fate ...