Saturday, June 22, 2013


Despite an uproar over its keyword processing of 501(c)(4) nonprofits,

Our "short staffed" IRS seems disinterested in doing its sequestration part,

Wants to pay 70 million in bonuses the President ordered against,

Google and government...perhaps not so far apart.

Ditto for the Snowden revelations re: the NSA,

Broad sweeps capturing phone and Internet data galore,

Shouldn't we be shocked at how many "essential" government functions private contractors perform?

At least with IPs, we "agree" to the terms and conditions for which we are in store!

Which brings me to Benghazi, the "talking points" that won't die,

Security team turf wars behind the scenes, before Susan Rice was pushed out front,

Since 9/11, if this how our "democracy" has functioned...

Common threads among all scandals... is it any way to run a government?

Instilling fear; overreaching on constitutional rights,

The more technology used, the more that can be known,

Why not disconnect a bit and put less "out there,"

Politics aside, studies show psychological consequences, a negative change in societal tone.

Karen Ann DeLuca

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