Tuesday, October 8, 2019

take care,
a lavender dream

a subtle smile
from the freak
over in the

i once spent
a month with
a woman with
purple hair one
weekend in the

she tasted like
a lavender dream
on a bed of black

she didn't believe
in marriage or love

i was simply a way
to pass the time

you don't find that
kind of refreshing
honesty anymore
colored by a genius stuck in the crowd

agony is watching
the young do all the
things you used to
be able to do

but not as good
as you did

that's not nostalgia
talking, that's the
reality as colored
by a genius stuck
in the crowd

i saw some guys
i went to high
school with

and the first thing
they brought up
was my jump shot

i never was more
hired a new woman

the local news station
has hired a new woman
to do the weather

a blonde with nice tits

it's always good when
they give the perverts
something to get excited
about at noon
for someone like me

her tongue tasted like
a rainbow that no one
was ever able to find

i get lost in her eyes

think of this glorious
future i never thought
was ever possible for
someone like me

one of these days
she'll realize that
i do lover her and
her alone

hopefully before she
does what the rest of
the ones for me did
before they figured
it out

find something better
in the mountains of this utopia

my nightmares are like
a poison that i enjoy
inflicting upon myself

i can hear all the old
lovers telling me over
and over about the
piece of shit i am

the mirror each
morning is their

i refuse to die
and give them the
pleasure of knowing
they were right

i'd rather be this lonely
bitter fuck lost in his
own ego and majestic
ability to string a few
words together

one of these days
i'm going to get high
enough to actually
cuddle with the neon
in the mountains of
this utopia

hand in hand with
this spanish angel

who lovingly chooses
to ignore my faults
instead of fighting
endless battles that
no one ever wins
the only soul that matters

dead goose on
the highway

the neon fades in
the dying embers
of a bitter promise
of a better tomorrow

love costs whatever
the man in the funny
hat says it does

wish upon the only
star you can see in
the sky

beneath the purple
haze is an old bean
bag chair, a torn
flannel shirt and
the last dreams
of kurt cobain

wake up in a ditch
and remember how
your father never
loved you

pretend you're the
only soul that matters
to someone out there

the alternative is
enough to drive
anyone insane
J.J. Campbell

Helpless I do not know if good intentions prevail among the elected, among the appointed, leaving me apprehensive that the fate ...