Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chloe Viner

Dear Editor,
My name is Chloe Viner,
I am submitting the following poems
for your consideration: Short Meditation Poems.
I have been published in Teen Voices,
Seed Magazine, The Garnet, and
have some poems awaiting publication for Down in the Dirt.
I am currently a student at Vermont Law school,
and write poetry in my free time.
Thank you for your consideration
Sincerely, Chloe Viner

Short Meditation Poems
I my original self
washes away in rain
left as dew clinging to fruit

Like snow on the mountain
becomes the ocean,
we live and die.

Three birds perch on step
two moons reflect in water
one monk in dharma.

The Buddha sits in the rain
and doesn't get wet
but when he swims in the ocean
he becomes the water.

Like stones in the water
become stuck when the river freezes
hatred and ill will become trapped
once allowed to enter the mind.

There are thousands
of ways to be
but only one
way to not be.

Just as you can't smell
an orange until you peel it
you can't reach non-thought
without first peeling away thought.

There are no need for benches
and no need for words
it is far better to sit on a stone in silence.

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