Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Michael Bruce Foster

Michael Bruce Foster was born and raised in California. His poems have been published in the City College of San Francisco Literary Magazine, Aurora, MO: Writings from the River, Rapid City Journal, and Mobius, the Poetry Magazine.

He gets his inspiration from his family, nature, and other things that are happening around him.

Mr. Logan,

I am including six poems in my e-mail. They are:

How Soon Fog

Earth and Darkness Meal of Colors

Below Zero Ebony Song

How Soon

Tingling daylight, everything is strange,

The worlds become a rifle range.

The sky has become one giant cloud,

It’s raining bullets, bombs, and shrouds.

The earth is bleeding tears and pain,

And I the only one left to explain.

I would have finished this, with luck,

But I forgot to…

Earth and Darkness

I lie on the cold evening sidewalk,

Windy waves pass over me.

A star tries to impress, with its fall,

But I am without a net.

I’m in the sea of earth and darkness,

Drowning from a bullet’s blow.

Below Zero

The cold covers my face

Like frozen glass,

Ready to shatter at

The first warm touch

Of my lover’s hand.


Delighted with my misery

The fog gave chase to my soul,

Until I no longer felt its security

Nor heard its soothing, whispered

Fragments of advice.

A Meal of Colors

Rainbows fly,

On the sides of fish.

The hawk gathers them

Up and feeds each color

To her children.

Ebony Song

Ebony song,

Without stars or moon

You sharply chill

My bones, and with

The wind play a

Freezing chorus

In my ears.

Thank you for this opportunity to submit some of my work to you. I appreciate your time and consideration.


Michael Bruce Foster

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