Thursday, September 11, 2008

John Lacarbiere
Short bio:

I was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. August 23, 1984 was the day. I graduated valedictorian from John McDonough Sr. High School class of 2002. Writing has always been a passion for me. I think I wrote my first poem when I was like 8 or 9. I wish I could remember what it was. I really got into it when I started high school. I used to write poems almost every day. I remember I wrote this one poem about Jordan’s, tennis shoes that I love to wear, and performed it in front of the class. The response I received from it made me want to not only write but read my poems to people. I tend to write poems about everyday life. Not my life in particular but the average everyday life. Just recently I had a hard time dealing with the death of my father, who was one of the many victims of Hurricane Katrina. Although I didn’t really show it, it hurt me a lot. I evacuated to Houston and it was there I wrote a lot of my personal poems. I think I was mildly depressed. As far as my style of writing goes, I don’t have just one set style. Some are poetic while others just be…you’ll see. I use profanity in some but nothing disrespectful. I write whatever comes to my head. I could be at work, school, driving and an idea pops up. I truly love what I do and feel I should share it with the world. I Currently host Open Mic at Borders Bookstore in Metairie. come check me out...visit my myspace @ or my blog

My submission:


Imagine yourself reciting a poem to an audience of none

It's just you and the padded walls in your room

And your poem goes something like…

I'm not crazy

It's just sometimes when I'm alone

People speak to me

I didn't mean to choke my neighbor

I was only doing what they told me to do…

Ok if you imagined that you might be crazy too

But imagine yourself as a lady


With a heart broken by the only man she ever loved and can't leave

Her poem goes something like…

I want to leave him

But if I do

Who will love me?

I feel so much pain inside

I lost myself in him

Or maybe gave him to much of me

That now I depend on him to not feel lonely

So I stay here not because of love but because of fear

Fear that no one else would love me again

Let him have his friends

And keep my pain within…

Now since we are on the subject of women

Imagine yourself as a 16 year old little girl

With a body fully developed

And a step dad that notices it

She reads…

He says that the more he does it

I'll start to like it

That doesn't stop me from crying

My momma knows what step daddy is doing to me

But she says we need a roof over our head

But it hurts

It hurts

Sometimes it bleeds

I'm only sixteen

Step daddy stop touching me!

Sad I know

Now imagine yourself poor

Reciting a poem to the other homeless people in the shelter

You tell them…

We did not choose to be this way

At least I didn't

I was forced to live this life

Given no opportunity

All I know is these streets

And before I beg another person for something to eat

I make this sign

And it reads

Imagine yourself as me

Kicked out at 13

Been homeless ever since

Feed me…

Now imagine yourself as President Bush

Reciting a poem about justice and equality…

You see America...

I uhh…



Ok he's a lil too dumb to write poetry

Last but not least

Imagine yourself in love

And the person you're with is the only thing you think of

Your poem reads…

My love for you is deeper than the Atlantic

You are the reason I'm up here standing

Reciting this poem

Expressing how much I love you

I love your mind

I love the way you smell

I love your taste

I love your face

I even love your mistakes

I love that you love me

I love you just the way you are '

I love that you don't change

I love the way we love each other

I love not knowing where this love will take us

I love you

I love you

I love you…

chaos is   chaos is currency in these troubled times   chaos is two star-crossed lovers mainlining the future   chaos is...