Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm Elizabeth Downey, 15 years old.
Here is some of my poetry.

She knows

She knows it's time to let go.
She knows she has to walk forward,
but she can't stop looking back.
She knows everything was a lie,
but she fights so hard to believe.
She tries and tries to forget,
but everywhere she goes there is a memory.
She knows she will be okay in time.
She wishes she would have known then what she knows now.
She knows everything changes,
and something’s just aren't meant to be,
She knows better than anything that letting go will never be easy.


Maybe sometimes when I hide the pain it doesn't hurt.
Maybe sometimes it's easier to pretend nothing is wrong than to show I'm weak.
Maybe this smile won't fade and no one will see the tears and maybe then no one will see the pain.
Maybe it hurts more with each day,
Maybe it gets harder with every second that passes.
Maybe just maybe one day I'll wake of from this nightmare I call my life.

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