Monday, September 8, 2008


My name is Saadia Ali Aschemann. My first collection of poetry, lavish lines/luscious lies, was published in 2007 by FireFly Publishing. My second book, Words Gone Wild, will be released next month. The following poems are unpublished, but I thought they might work for your magazine. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

All Best,


balanced on
the flimsy axis between
mistake and memory,
I think of the word
as I stumble toward
back doors
of abandon

tripping, slipping
already and almost
when I tell him
that it's complicated
he wants me to know
that it isn't complicated enough
between us
just yet


sleep soaked voices
popping toasters
the quick rattle of
a Sunday morning newspaper
plus Meet the Press's
lullaby drone
the word mimosa
and the sound of
smooth skin on
soft fabric
always remind me
of the short hours
the long minutes
that we
gave to
took from

Krug Observations

the drinking glass
tuxedoed men
look like a line
of dominoes
waiting for a push
old ladies
with little girl voices
cookie cutter princesses
well preserved
dressed for battle
armed with artifice

this boozy, blurry realm
where little
white lies
seem to be

the new black


I've written ten unrelated words
on a sheet of butcher paper

eaten nine double stuff oreos

done eight one-armed pushups
before I decided to have another cookie

taken seven extra long sips
of a buttery chardonnay

snapped six pictures of my boys

painted five fingernails
a color called 'golddigger'

read four different chapters
in three different books

jumped rope for two solid minutes

and still, my maddening muse,
the one person I need right now
is nowhere to be found. He could
have at least called to tell me that he
was running late


ten year olds talk
about hybrid clubs
pimped out playstations:
cash fund vernacular,
sunburned self importance

jaded children
debutante diatribes
vacant eyed trophy wives
all access--wireless
and otherwise

an oasis of
tan line temptation
where time splashes
slippery, elusive
in shallow water

chaos is   chaos is currency in these troubled times   chaos is two star-crossed lovers mainlining the future   chaos is...