Wednesday, August 26, 2015

"We are already vanishing. The Curse of it all cries benevolently. Circumstances stand and remind us how love has cut us. Cut us clean." Stefanie Bennett. "The Vanishing."

"What else is causing ‘the decline’ in people! First up, the ‘everyday ones’ are lied to, humiliated, and rightly feel ‘used’ by governments, their ‘Leaders’ and the powerful top-end of town. Even those not usually politically aware want to know why billions of bucks will be given to Iran to continue doing what they’re doing... nuking-up. [Even if the US hadn’t agreed to everything they asked for, Russia is on record for saying it would supply what was needed; China – ditto.] And what with the rest in a ‘spin’ Putin can move in and take what he wants and work his way through the Baltic States [that are on alert] because most of Europe is ‘free game’... and Germany won’t do anything. Who’ll lift a finger? Well Israel’s got to... because they understand what the Balts know. Even ‘down under Australia’ sits on this powder-keg [again] what with North and South Korea at it again. Ah well... the so called ‘religion’ reason for all the rest of it can’t be swallowed either. Women and children being raped, the aged murdered, very little medical attention, millions ‘on-the-run’ – Good God, how can the Western countries NOT move against the obvious? Iran and its ‘sister’ country are too alike even if [at the moment] they are opposing one another. It’s a mess. Nasty for the world itself, my friend. Obama must move along with the UK, Aust., New Zealand, Canada, and sections of the Continent who want the peace everyone deserves."

Helpless I do not know if good intentions prevail among the elected, among the appointed, leaving me apprehensive that the fate ...