Thursday, August 20, 2015

     Hillary, at bat, with her personal Blackberry,
Or switch hitting, for convenience, with an IPad or IPhone,
     Striking out while swinging away at a "handful" of "typical" private e-mails,
Trying her "easiest" to steal her way "home."
     But throwing a variety of pitches, Republicans,
Enough GOP hopefuls running for Captain to more than field a team,
     Cleared her dugout of all but drama? No! Seeing the septuagenarian Sanders surge, others encouraged...
..."Serving" to make it harder for Hillary to "secure" the party pennant and her White House dream.
     And then there's the injuries, part and parcel of hardball,
The self inflicted wounds can take a toll...and may accumulate...
     ...Become career ending...Democrats have no other power hitters to call up,
Perhaps making this Presidential season, the cellar, their fate.
     How many times have baseball owners paid a huge salary,
Just to see "inevitable" expectations for the post season dashed,
     Beware donors to the Clinton Foundation, those who forked over inordinate speaking fees,
A change up! A competition! The top of the lineup on Opening Day's coronation is being crashed!

     As we prepare for the 2016 Fall Classic, minor and major leaguers in Spring training,
Dr. Ben...Carly...the Donald...Ted...on an outsider league roll,
     Investigations threaten to place Hillary on the DL; time to recruit a reliever to close down the stretch?
Not fan friendly, sinking fast...nostalgia and name recognition can only get her so far toward her goal.
Karen Ann DeLuca

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