Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Cecil the Lion, R.I.P.

We know the story about
Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe 
killed by an American dentist 

who paid a guide to find him 
a lion he could kill
with a bow and arrow.

The guide lured Cecil, a lion, 
off a wildlife preserve, using
the stench of a dead animal 

roped to the top of his vehicle. 
The dentist’s arrow wounded 
Cecil but it took hours to locate 

the lion and kill him with a rifle.
No word yet as to whether Cecil’s
heart, brains and liver were shipped 

the way a Planned Parenthood staffer 
said her New York agency ships 
smaller hearts, brains and livers.

Donal Mahoney

The Election in America 2016

Paul fell asleep early
after a hard day's work
earning a pittance.

His wife woke him up
and said he’d been hollering,
asked if he'd had a nightmare.

She told him he'd never before
hollered like that in his sleep.
Paul told her he’d been dreaming

about the presidential debates in 2016.
Behind the microphones he saw
Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. 

Americans have a choice, Paul said.
Listen to Bernie and The Donald in 2016.  
Or buy a nice tent in Syria instead. 

Donal Mahoney

My Wall Street Garden

It’s midnight
and I’m too tired to stroll 
in my Wall Street garden 
to check on the nightlife

among the flowers 
and wildlife 
under the moonlight
so I let my eyes 

float silently out 
above the garden
like flying saucers
spying on all below.

At dawn my eyes return
rheumy and red and tell me
the garden’s war zone 
and warn me 

not to go out there  
without a bazooka. 
They tell me
of moles and voles 

popping out of holes
to be eaten alive by 
possums and coons
with saliva dripping 

as they forage hell-bent 
for something to eat.
Moles and voles are 
something to eat.

Possums and coons  
are Wall Street gluttons.
They hold the Trump card
and dine at will.

Donal Mahoney

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