Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Plain but pretty and several
years younger than I, it was
never go to be anything
more than a fleeting
experience; we had met,
drunk, in a seedy night-
club, danced and drank
and embraced and kissed
and returned to her studio
flat and talked all
through the night and
met again the following
evening, took a few
drinks and again returned
to her studio flat, only this
time there wasn’t a great
deal of talking;
we quickly began to
undress one another and
as I slipped off her bra
my eyes were transfixed
upon her nipples;
“Anything wrong?” she
asked playfully, smiling.
“Oh no, beautiful” I
replied having never seen
inverted nipples before,
and I moved in to kiss
and caress her breasts;
I was no Valentino or
Casanova but nipples had
never been a problem so
far and I licked and sucked
and loved with a great
deal of effort and passion
but the nipples
remained hidden and I
felt at a loss;
“It’s only when I come
that makes my nipples pop out”
she told me, giggling, as she gently
pushed my face away from
her breasts;
“Oh” I said not knowing
what else to say.
“You better try elsewhere”
she said;
I did as she suggested
and a few minutes later
these beautiful little
nipples suddenly popped
free as she gave a final
cry of pleasure and then all
too quickly the nipples
disappeared, shrunk back
down into their fleshy
‘now you see me
now you don’t,’
and I wanted to see the
nipples again but she
wanted to drink wine and
smoke some grass and
listen to some music
and that’s what happened
and perhaps just a few days
later she left me
stranded in a 3am dark
and strange countryside
following some
outrageous and erratic and
wild drunken behaviour
within the vehicle that was
moving at speed through
 dark dangerous narrow lanes;
 she stopped
the car and ordered me out;
I did so and she sped off
and I was expecting her to
turn around after a few
minutes but she didn’t,
I saw the red tail-lights
fade into blackness and
vanish and I never saw
her again;
‘now you see me
now you don’t.’

John D Robinson

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