Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Ever since news broke
I’ve thought often of what
is gained? What sensations
and emotions, adrenalin and
feelings are experienced after
dressing up in a military
uniform and paying thousands
of dollars to kill a jungle
animal in Africa;
to entice the beast into a
murderous lair outside of
its protected zone and
then silently strike with a
bow and arrow and then
for 40 hours after
track down the dangerous
injured animal and then end
it’s agony with a rifle shot;
now that is that brave and heroic,
and naturally the trophy of
beheading and skinning the
now that must be something
to tell your wife and make her
proud of you,
now that must be something
to tell your children and your
grandchildren and make
them proud of you;
it must make you feel
like a man; like a real
hunter of murderous beasts,
a collector of skin and
bones and of innocent souls
that you can furnish your
home with;
that must make you feel
real good and macho;
it must reassure your
patients of being in the
presence of one who has
such and exhilarating and
adventurous hobby;
Dr Walter Palmer,
dentist of Minnesota, USA,
there are thousands,
globally, hunting you
 right now,
wanting your blood,
how does it feel?
and once caught chances are
you won’t be beheaded and
skinned because not only is
it against the law but way below
any level of decency and dignity
and compassion and
what ever happens to you
brave and fearless,
Dr Walter Palmer
I hope it robs you of
everything that you hold
dear in this life of yours
that cannot be brought with
silent arrows and bullets and
Dr Palmer

Cecil was a 13 year Male Lion with a beautiful and distinctive black mane; a tourist attraction and was a favourite with the people of Zimbabwe; in July 2015, Palmer paid thousands of dollars to hunt and kill big game. Palmer went into hiding.

John D Robinson

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