Friday, April 30, 2010


I'm copasetic

as I creep through the tall grass

oblivious to the ticks that fester

their inconsequential desires upon my neck

and no matter how much blood they suck

my strength--my faith--my power

still lies within my command.

I'm diabetic

and my body's inability to process sugar

makes my urine stink, makes my eyes weak

smelly and squinting through the dry grass

and despite the fact that my body is in a trough of pain

my resolve--my prayer--my passion

still allows me to sharpen my claws.

I'm electric

my yellow and black stripes

shock fear into my prey as I charge

scattering feathers and flesh as I

sink my teeth into my luckless victim

and as the blood dribbles dribbles upon my chin

my hunger--my desire--my ambition

consumes the fear of my prey.

Monkey Dance

I can dance her restless feet said

and she moved in circles as she

bounced in a contented way

not so much as to show others

but to find her own equilibrium.

I'm a monkey her bouncing black hair said

as she whirled back and forth

in her monkey dance

being kind to the elderly

by flaunting her youth with abandon

the way it should be

I'm a monkey her shrugging shoulders said

and her twirling

made her so.

You can love me her deep brown eyes said

there is nothing more to life

then to just take a few minutes

to dance.

Wedding in Cana

There is so much for me to do
and I know--I feel--that the time is near
but of all that lies ahead
I will take a few more minutes
to pretend that I am mortal
before I go to a wedding in Cana.

I will walk the streets quietly
and admire the sky with it's setting sun
hearing the laughter of children
who do not fear the coming night
restless in their innocence
well fed in meals of love
preparing for the joy
of a wedding in Cana.

The darkening sky beckons
and I feel myself begin to grow
no longer just a simple boy
but much more then a man
I look down upon my hands
that no longer belong to me
and shed my own cloak of innocence
as I change water into wine
at a wedding in Cana.

Christopher Buxton

Helpless I do not know if good intentions prevail among the elected, among the appointed, leaving me apprehensive that the fate ...