Thursday, April 29, 2010

His Other Lover (cocaine)

A stunning beauty is she
A place to rest your head
She makes you feel so worthy
But in the end you were so misled

She does not wear those high heels
Although she is quite tall
She is just so little
So slight
So small

She will promise you the Ocean
She Begs to never let you down
Her boat is docked and ready
But under her sea you will drown

She will always tell you
Just what you want to hear
But just like you whispered too me
Its sweet nothing's in your ear

She is not materialistic
Wont judge your race or creed
But if you double cross her
She might not let you leave

You chose her though I loved you
I see she won the fight
But between your hell and heaven
I hope you see the light

The sleeping addict

What sounds do I hear?

Snores a far...

Snores a near...

Deep fast breaths wheezing

A choke, a cough or too

It sometimes sounds like they are just coming too

I know it's just sleep

But what really is that?

A moment of solace to get Their wits back?

Now all is quiet, is peaceful at last

But I guess not for long, only a moment has passed

I don't want to move,

Or barely breathe

It might wake them up

Make me a thief

A robber of their slumber

Their zen

There closed eyes

They must stay under to sort out their lives

What are they dreaming?

Who do they hear?

Me being a thief, of their dreams or their fears

I would like to sleep

But I would rather hear

The sleeping addict

With nothing to fear

Just listen to the silent scream

I listened, I heard

I heard about listening

I came and I saw

That my future was glistening

I choked and I yelled

and I screamed and I cried

Everyone was there

But the noise was inside

I begged and I pleaded

To be rid of my angst

But still at my heartstrings and my gut
it yanks

My sanity is sacred

Few and far between

“I am not like them “ I said

For I am a Queen

My patience runs thin

Mostly angry at me

Angry at God

Whom I don't even believe

Like a small grain of sand

I now sit on this beach

For serenity I scream

For silence I reach

The Unwelcomed Visitor

Please step into my nightmare

Come in for a quick peek

You can stay a moment

A month, or a week

You may feel restless, listless and dread

But please do not worry

It's all in your head

Come into my kitchen

I will cook you a dish

Filled with confusion, and anger, and bliss

Sleep in my bedroom

But I might toss and turn

It's alright if you wake me

For soon you will learn

Come down to my basement

But please watch your step

My stairs are so steep

Its a damn mouldy mess

So step into my nightmare

Or did you think it a dream?

I don't want you to go

But you now have to leave

Meaghan Lank

Helpless I do not know if good intentions prevail among the elected, among the appointed, leaving me apprehensive that the fate ...