Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bio: Maxwell Baumbach is a young writer who attends Concordia University Chicago. He plans to major in Business Administration (Sports Management) with a minor in English. He has been writing since his freshmen year of high school, but did not take his craft that seriously until winning the Fine Arts Poetry contest at Timothy Christian High School. Since then, his work has been featured in various publications, both in print and on the internet.


Wearing a bright pink dress,
Her hair is done up nice.
Heels grace her feet,
Her make up is perfect.

She’ll turn the heads of many men,
They’ll vie for her attention.
She’ll never turn my head,
I’ll pay her no attention.

This girl thinks that she’s big league,
But I’m not impressed.
I look beyond the clothes she wears,
And never at her breasts.

A day will come when she can’t hide,
Her clothes and make up will mean nothing.
The world will pay her no attention,
And then I’ll give her a chance.

Five Years Old-

He trots around the room

pretending to be a king.

Little does he know

that he will be but a


in this world.

He will grow to find

firefighter dreams

are lost

when reality takes its course.


he will drop out of college

and work at the corner store,

where minutes are hours,

and hours are hell.

He will marry the woman

he thinks he loves.


she will leave him

for a young,

wealthy man.

At that moment

he will decide that

nothing saves.

Fifty and alone,

a man with no faith

and a future

he forgot to live in.

With the knot

he will learn to tie perfectly

at boy scouts

in about three years,

he secures his goodbye thread.

With a leap from the chair

he will make that day

his grand finale.

But today

he trots around the room,

pretending to be a king.


What Humans Have Become-

Waiting for the 6:55 AM
To Union Station
From Hinsdale, Illinois,
I watch on
As a man
No older than 35
Fills his lungs
With the many poisons
In his cigarette.
Another man,
Likely around 25 years,
Rips the cancer stick
From his hand,
Takes a drag,
And carelessly
Throws it to the
Concrete ground.
The victim
Yelled at the
Thief or Life Saver,
But took
No course of action.
If a cheetah
Stole prey
From another,
Would have gotten
Their fucking head
Ripped off.
It is at
This moment
I know:
Have become
The weakest
Of the animals.

Wounded Dog-

a broken beer bottle
laying in pieces on the floor

the wounded dog
bleeds before it's owner

vicious verbal abuse
tearing through the air
the scalded dog
keeps coming back for more.

some call him courageous

some call him a stupid son-of-a-bitch

he could be likened to a hero
he could be likened to a stubborn fool

It is all sunshine
except for those
heavy clouds
of makeup
the hide her face.
Powdered insecurity
covers up
her imperfect complexion.
It may disguise her blemish,
but it cannot contain
the ugliness
that dwells within her.
She is not as pretty
as she thinks she is.

Helpless I do not know if good intentions prevail among the elected, among the appointed, leaving me apprehensive that the fate ...