Thursday, April 1, 2010

hello I'm kalifornia i have about 70 poems and I have been published in scars online magazine, the common good press (college newsletter) I also have had over 5,000 views on my poetry on youtube and 1,800 views on my blog on myspace i have also been on local television doing my are a few selections


as i remain in this world it seems to get stranger. not me the world people are getting more desperate more angry more greedy. a select few are finding peace but most are finding fustration. there are to the sheep who watch the news to see what kinds of food cause cancer or what kind of foods fight cancer. i find this world is getting stranger and stranger and well i guess. i'm glad i stuck around to check it out.



jesus was a zombie and that's why they did him in. he died then came back to life and that's the ultimate sin. walkin around dead turnin water into wine. it's like he was holding up a sign that said "hey i'm a zombie who does magic. i want my life to end tragic" well he got his wish his crucifixion was the event of the year.....I'm just wondering....if he was such a good magician why didn't he make himself disappear?



they go to work and pay their bills. they buy a harley with all the frills they go to the movies on friday night. they talk about grandma who's losing her sight. they have a barbecue they watch the me this all sounds fucking lame. I'll admit my life's been hell but at least I've got a story to tell. i've partied in alleys with she males i've been the one making the drug sales. I've gotten kissed at gay bars i've totalled fast cars. in highschool i fucked the cheerleaders in goth clubs i hung out with the bleeders. the girls who cut just to feel. so that's my life and now you know the deal. do i have regrets? you bet that i didn't make that score that i didn't sell my body when i was young and the guys called me a hottie. that i didn't sleaze it up just a little bit more cause you swim in sex and filth and glitz and that's what life is for. and if things work out you die real young and end up like sid vicious you sit up there and eat those apples...they're sooo delicious but if your like me you stay down here and just keep on livin so live a life of sin and join the unforgiven.


cut me fuck me choke me kill me fill me up with cyanide take me for a bumpy ride in the trunk gettin crunk with that bass in my ear chillin in a hefty bag i've been dead for a year skinny bloody pasty white shot herself the other night so she could join me in my bag i gaze into her lifeless eyes now our job is to spread lies we're that little voice in your ear that says you're better off dead we giggle with excitement as you feel your head with lead the only way we can feel love is when somebody dies when you're feelin down and out we'll fill your head with lies we'll tell you there's only one way out we're the messengers of suicide that's why in hell we got clout


Helpless I do not know if good intentions prevail among the elected, among the appointed, leaving me apprehensive that the fate ...