Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Well, 4,500 of my ancestors were beheaded for returning to paganism after forced baptism.
According to the Talmud, I am Jewish, because at one point, I converted to Judaism. Therefore, to Jewish reasoning, I am apostate to Yahweh and his Torah (Law) to his people.

However, according to how I (and most people) would label myself, I am a gentile, zero percent Jewish. My last name “Sass” means “Sahson” or “Saxon” in the Old Saxon language. Old Saxony is in the northern part of Germany just below Denmark. My ancestors were “annexed” into the state of Germany in 1866 at the close of the Austro Prussian war. “Prussia” became the modern nation of ‘Germany’. Thus, I am Saxon by blood, but my ancestors are really Saxons swallowed by the modern nation of Germany. My relatives in Germany hated the Kaisers and the Nazis, but were swallowed anyways. We are not Prussians (Germans) we wanted our independence. I am sure the modern nation of Kenya encompasses many tribes. The Saxons were a Germanic tribe, so were the Angles, Jutes, Frisians, Bavarians, Thuringians, etc etc etc. However, over time, these tribes became the modern nation of Germany. The Prussians were the war mongering anti semitic german bastards. Though, to be blunt, once Christianized, all converted heathens became anti semites, as Christianity is anti Judaism. In the first crusade alone, the germans murdered 1 million jews before the armies left Germany for the Holy Land. Christianity breeds intolerance, i.e. there is only one true god, one chosen people, one way to eternal life, everyone else is wrong, convert or else… This is the mentality I hate.

I learned about my ancestral heritage after I left religion. I wanted to know if I was not created by “god” then what my heritage was, as Christianity is NOT an African religion either. It is a Jewish religion and Italian religion (Roman). All non Jews and non Romans who are Christian, most had their ancestors forced into Christianity. It was spread by the sword historically, just as Islam was. The most ancient religions on the planet, that pre-date Monotheism, were polytheistic. If I were to chose a religion, I would chose the religion of the pagan Saxons. At least it is my heritage, and not a foreign religion. Africans were better off before they were made Christian, and Christianity is a foreign religion to them as well. JMHO…

Robert Sass

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