Friday, February 12, 2010


Mike Berger, PhD is bright, articulate, handsome and extremely humble.
I hold a doctorate in psychology. I am now retired

and writing poetry full time. I have only been writing

for a year. I have had good success publishing.
Thanks for your

consideration. I hope you like the poem.




My girlfriends giggle and joke.
They talk of love in the back
seat. They take bets on who
will be the first. I can't tell them
how horrible it is.

Mom has a bad heart and is too
sick, so dad turned to me. It hurt
and I'll never get used to it. It makes
me sick when he comes in my room.

I must endure in silence; telling
would kill my mom. I've gone from
being daddy's little girl, to being
a piece of meat.

I loathe all men and most boys;
they are all after the same thing.
You're like a toy, there for their
pleasure. On the day I turn
fifteen next month, I'll run away.

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