Thursday, February 18, 2010

My name is Nathan Nobbe and I am sending a sampling of my poetry for your publication consideration. If accepted for publication I would like to be considered for receiving print copies of your magazine. Also, if you would have further interest, i do have several other poems I could make available. Thank You.

On My Knees

I used to strut around my stuff

Pretty cocky in what I did.

I could laugh and wink and flirt a bit

And tell everyone the world I’d seen.

But sometimes it happens that we

Can’t explain a thing or two,

And for me it wasn’t a woodsman’s axe

That chopped me down to size.

It so happened that so it was,

That it was a pot smoking’ mama

That put me on my knees.

Now I could talk a good game of politics,

Philosophize and reflect on God.

Give advice to anyone who cared,

Walk upright and without a damn.

But lo let me tell you a thing,

A thing I’ve learned since then.

For a man a woman has more power

Than any other thing,

And for me that fact was proved to me

When I met the one that sapped me good.

The one for me that had the power,

That one the one I’ll tell you indeed,

It was a pot smoking’ mama

That put me on my knees.


Asking for help

But why was it not


When digging the hole

You’re now found in.

The digging seemed fun,

Or at least held some promise,

Or reason.

How is it you finally saw.

That the sunlight no longer touched you?

That the breathing was difficult?

Was unfulfilling?

Or was it the walls that define

Now a perimeter of your existence.

Rescue me.

Throw down a rope.

Give a ladder.

I swear I will never do it again.

Reach out the helping hand.

It is there.

In front of you there.

Grateful and appreciative, yes

Thankful be.

For one more chance

Your freedom reprieved.

Vapor Visions

Surrounded by sale and trade and commerce

The modern world well lit.

The unattainable goal is near,

And draws my attention e’en though

Distractions appeal.

Differences reconciled.

A new goal appears. Or so I think.

Plans are pursued.

And where my focus had been

Is now gone away.

As I go toward the one,

The best I have ever seen.

My plans are in full motion,

Another yet appears.

This one is clearly distant,

An investment I cannot afford.

Now what of the other?

It has disappeared.

Was not at the end of the plan

As I had been convinced.

Must have been a distraction but

Now where is the real.

Many visions arrive, then pass by

My attention now fleeting

A direction is not there.

Helpless I do not know if good intentions prevail among the elected, among the appointed, leaving me apprehensive that the fate ...