Monday, February 15, 2010


destitute, abandoned and scared no more time for crying I share my gifts amongst the world all the while I'm dying my body mind and soul they wither and they crumble I sit alone in blood soaked clothes hearing voices as I mumble I try to pray but can't form words so I carve my prayer into my arm with a blade blood drooling down the stairs my prayer's complete my prayer is carved I seal it with a kiss with blood soaked lips I hit my smoke and ash into my piss It's below me mixed with blood I crack a smile my prayer is answered and I'ts this to be here bleeding on these stairs aim low you'll never miss

The Price

I lie there dead staring up at the stars i feel the wind on my face from the passing cars. my body is cold bloody and broken i'd still be alive if he had just spoken. he use to watch me from afar to him i was a falling star. he saw me and he made a wish that my fucked up life would inspire him to write poems that made people admire him. a little attention in exchange for my soul but when his life is over he'll join me in this hole.....hope it was worth it asshole


gutter love

forbiden fruit i got the loot she holds out the apple in her flesh filled suit. so i chomp the apple it's like i took viagra the razors cut my mouth t's flowin like niagra. blood is runnin down my chest. look up at her and smile and put her to the test. i lunge foreward and open wide biting on her tits i taste her warm flesh in my mouth and the razors open slits. i raise up spit out the blades and gaze at her a bit. she smiles at me with blood soaked lips she sparkles in the sun. she leans against a piss drenched dumpster. now were havin fun!! an od'd stiff a dirty needle that's our bedroom decor. we fuck on top of broken glass...hey that's what alleys are for!! we make sweet love and swap some blood in our golden palice the glass becomes diamonds the piss becomes wine and the dumpster a golden chalice. we climb inside and lie in wait licking our lips with malice for those who pass. they open the lid with disgust to throw away their trash. we pull them in and slit their throats and rid them of their cash. we laugh and giggle and count our money drained bodies lay between us then we jump out get a room at the ritz and let their showers clean us. from filth and disgust to luxury we lay in white robes on the bed. the we do some H go to the club and sit under the strobes. we sip our drinks and smile looking over the dance floor made up of youthful flesh and blood and with our they will grow from east to west north and south there will be blood covered streets. so if you want to join us keep a look out for my girl with the razor filled treats. she'll feed you well your mouth will swell with blood as you enjoy. you smile she leaves your soul dissapears now your our little toy.


kalifornia christmass

merry fuckin christmass drowning in our excess. presents candy and booze. some of us take an eternal snooze. we take a gun and blow our head off we have no family just a bottle of smirnoff. so when you open your presents remember the peasants who are dyin in the gutter. when you put butter on your bread someone is blowin of their head. happy birthday asshole thanx for all the hassle. thanx for creating a day when in order to receive love you have to pay for a present that you can't afford. you'll get nothing from me cause are'nt my lord but just this once i'll make a wish that your dead and gone and sleep with the fish cause then we'll be rid of this day and all over this country we'll be able to say. no longer is it your birthday but just another day


indulge in drugs and sex roast marshmellows at fiery car wrecks collect diseases feel the wet blood on your skin dry during soft breezes stare at the sun just for fun have a siezure and stop breathin come to seathin with rage rip people into pieces the carnage never cieses as long as i'm breathin when i'm in jail i float through the bars and flip cop cars with my mind never kind the meaning of the word is foregn to me pee on the alamo never go slow through red lights end bar fights with an ak jack santas sleigh drop his ass at 3000 feet in the street he's not a kittin and won't land on his feet but on his head his fat ass bled all over the place now sell the presents on ebay take the money buy some heroin and an ak sit on the runway high as hell shotin at planes all day then play chicken with a 747 die go to heavin shoot god smoke some weed with the angels eat devils food cake and ice cream fuck'em make 'em scram put'em on my team get my cell call my demons in hell tell'em to meet me on earth give birth to my satanic army a reporter comes up to me and says "you just won the spernatural superbowl whatcha gonna do now?" i say "we're going to disneyland to report to our leader the true antichrist mickey mouse"


thank you for considering publishing my poetry

Apology In the mornings when I look Earth is overgrown with exhaustion with a sad insomnia An ocean of plastic undulates a...