Wednesday, February 10, 2010

On Virginia "Going Rogue"

Way to GO, Virginia! At a time when Toyota has been soundly chastised for concealing safety problems with its products, and Oprah is actively recruiting for her "No Phone Zone" distracted driving campaign, Virginia is "GOing rogue" and raising its speed limit to 70 MPH! Irony aside, statistics show that will mean MORE crashes, MORE lethal impacts, and MORE people killed. But what the heck, the state's economic burden will be LESSened by their numbers and the elimination of salaries for law enforcement with no one to chase. And since MORE fuel will be consumed by those driving at higher speeds, there will be MORE tax revenue pouring into the Commonwealth's coffers. With motorists whizzing around the state in record and "potty friendly" time, there will be LESS need for the newly reopened rest stops. Laissez faire est savoir faire? I think not. This move is a continuation of the disregard for human life shown by Tim Kaine's closure of the Welcome Centers. Will someone please put a STOP to that?

Karen Ann DeLuca

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