Monday, November 9, 2015

I flew from New York
to Florida
in the 1950’s
and most of the country
was green.
I flew from New York
to Florida
in 2014
and most of the country
was concrete.

Soft Moment
In the city of chance
the cry of a child
is unheard
in the roar of traffic,
the shrill of sirens,
the grate of angry voices,
until kindness demands a lull
in the constant commotion
and a gentler sound
pauses unhappiness.

The women of the West
walk the streets
in Europe, America,
proud of their bodies,
walk the streets
with bare thighs,
midriffs, shoulders,
display themselves
for all who look,
exercising freedom,
social equality,

The men of the East
disguise temptation
by covering their women
in concealing garments,
the slightest hint
of forbidden flesh
a religious affront,
a punishable offense
that firmly asserts
male superiority.

When East meets West
there is no accord
for they cover their women,
while we let ours go bare.
Since we do not desire
their hidden treasures
and they lust
for our abundance,
there is no way
to share and share alike.

Purpose was once
condition normal
in paleolithic times
for hunter/gatherers.

Idlers didn’t sit around
the comfortable cave
getting high,
babbling about art,
questioning religion,
or they’d starve.

As evolution
brought prosperity
we invented leisure,
artificial diversions
to consume time
that was no longer needed
for daily work.

Gary Beck

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