Thursday, November 12, 2015


hair has
grown in
strange places,
strange new
ways, and he's
not a werewolf,
because that's
a made-up story,
but a real
monster just
the same


I held
inside me all
those emotions,
until they came
spilling, then
flushed and rushed
for a mop
to clean up
my own mess


I'm the rotten
tooth in the back
of your mouth
that you know
that you know has
a cavity, a little
aching pain, chipped
spot that has grown
over time, and you're
damn I need to pull
that out


call me Hermes,
put a little cloth
on my sensitive
places, let me 
run for you,
but just know
I'll drop all your
stuff, mix your
messages, and
do it on purpose
Robert League

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