Monday, November 9, 2015

Far Away Sounds

From the heavens
Teardrops fall
One at a time
Many straight lines
Single file
Across piano keys
Light year’s melody
From the past
Before there was time

Publish Her

Her form
In press hinted
Elegantly printed

I See Your Vein (Part One)

I see your vein marked and stabbed
A sword of pain you are trapped
In the castle I see the night
A darken shadow a stream of light
I see your vein and feel the blue
The lion statues they seem to move
Out by the gate near the arch
I see your silhouette in the marsh
You’re alone with the moon
I see the holes within a room
I see the vein the one that bleeds
Break the drawbridge out by the trees
The stone carvings they seem to talk
I see the armies when you walk
I see your vein and feel the blue

The Break

The sun handled broom
Sweep away the gray
Clouds with rays
Blue depth skies
Shooting the horizon
With trees showered
The wind satisfied
Swallowed by a hand

The Falsehood Of Distance

The spots of stars
The black of night
Looking so far away
A colorful world
Seems black and white


The endless ocean in the heart, it waved so calm
Icebergs near the edges, and frozen at the poles
Although deep down inside, hidden below the crust
It burns more intense there, then amber red-hot coals

The lake in the heart it shined, many times before
Feeling like a stranger, in the depths of the soul
Most of the time, staying near next to the surface
The light it felt so warm, like it would mend the holes

The river in the heart, it flowed across rapids
Upstream against the current, love is hard to hold
The past is lost, not altogether forgotten
Now to journey downstream, the shores are lined with gold

Denny E. Marshall 

one true sucker   it seems that most women i fall madly in love with at some point decide they would rather be with another ...