Sunday, January 4, 2015

Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be

feel the drama,
forever drama –
from the womb
to the cradle
to the grave,
drama –
from the heights
to the abyss;
from the sex
to the worms,
drama –
from the desert wars
to the nuclear shelters in suburbia,
drama –
from the fire
to the flood;
from the liar
to the saint,

A Comforting Moment

He looked at her
and she looked at him
and they didn’t have to say a word
they just smiled at each other
for what did it matter
if the whole world
was burning all around them
for we are all
just dust and ash
in the end

Faith in the Tide

I don’t need
a rock
to hold to
I am riding waves.

Scott Thomas Outlar

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