Friday, January 16, 2015

I Am Guillotine

Sharp, cold, and quick, I do not believe
in mercy, only in the bleeding
dismemberment of threats to my world.
Friend or foe, makes no difference,
I am razored blade and hollow basket.  Swing
at me and I will swallow your head,
label it just another
bad memory time will eventually erase.

Mirror Mirror

I want to shatter the glass, myself,
and become the hammer that is
merely an extensive instrument of my self-
inflicted pain.

Because Judgment

is passed before I even open my mouth,
I prefer the righteous indignation of my own
silence.  You are not worth my words,
your eyes are deafened, your ears muted
by bigotry’s ugly umber.  Mine
is a beauty you will never decipher. 
I am cloud to your desert; star to your highway.
Your lacking cannot reflect me.  I am outside
your reach.  A ghost
                                 ly trail of abstraction.
A karma you, simply, lack.

A.J. Huffman

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