Thursday, January 15, 2015

     Doesn't anyone see the irony in,
As the remaining Boston Marathon brother goes to trial,
     Two siblings similarly, surgically slay twelve in Paris, in the name...
...Of too many Charlie Hebdo cartoons lampooning Mohammed being too vile.

     It was just a few weeks ago the subject of "depiction" came up,
How Kim Jong Un was portrayed in Sony's "The Interview,"
     The company's computer was hacked; death threats were made,
SO FAR the movie's release has not caused any violence to rue.

     But we may not be "out of the woods" just yet,
These resentments seem to fester awhile before they pop,
     Instead of quickly screaming "freedom of speech," no matter what, mindless megaphone,
Maybe we should quietly contemplate whether such mocking goes over the top.

     What is it they say, in polite conversation avoid politics and religion?
There's satire - and then there's just stupid and being a dope,
     Intentionally offending, disrespecting, massive insensitivity is called "asking for it,"
Provocation for the sake of what value beyond pushing the envelope?

     This is a good time to remember that post 9/11,
The question NEVER ALLOWED to be asked: why do "others" hate US so much?
     Perhaps all these "terrorist" attacks are an indication,
And will continue as long as the Western World remains so out of touch.

     Intolerance, works both ways,
Words are weapons with power - and responsibility attached,
     Instead of celebrating lives and deaths as either "good" or "evil,"
Time to look for where the schisms can be patched.

     At the other extreme, there's political correctness,
Either "say anything" or say "nothing" at all,
     Differences lead to distance, which leads to disenfranchisement,
Ditto, overaccommodation and varnished vernacular: a wall.

     Why can't we find a happy medium, civility...
...Empathy, commonality, so that all inhabitants of this planet can peacefully coexist?
     What we're doing's not working; doing it over and over's insane,
The result: 'round the globe, more and more people feeling dissed and pissed. 
Karen Ann DeLuca

Helpless I do not know if good intentions prevail among the elected, among the appointed, leaving me apprehensive that the fate ...