Thursday, January 13, 2011

Story To Tell

It was the Sweetest Thing I've ever known like Lauryn Hill.
It's Love cut me deep like the tragic ending of a dramatic movie..
It was my Most Valuable Asset. . the Intoxication to my spiritual virtue. .
so sad..that all things have to come to an end.
Even the most Sweetest . .Sweetest. . Taste of SIN.
Everyday I wake up I ask GOD what the task is that he wants me to fulfill. .
And everyday I wakeup"New Mood" Different "Feel"
I've come to a conclusion that "Everything is Everything" .
The Love I receive from GOD is rare. .
His love is like the ocean and I feel that I am the sand.
When the world and Everything else Comes to a End . .
I know where to go to reach for his Hand.
For, in the final days of my SIN . .I know that he will not leave me nor forsake me.
If you can prove me wrong please correct me.
The Love I have for Christ Cannot be counted in number's or pairs. .
it won't even amount up to your 1 millionth strand of hair. .
Everything I have and everything I am. .was created by you Dear, God. .
Lord Of Creatures. Men of all Men. . .For if I chose to lose to prove to you. .
that only you, can judge me by my Sin,
Then I will lose to prove to give to you. .
the righteousness that only you Jesus Christ Can Afford to Give.

Won't You Kome Free My Mind. . .

Looking Back On How Life Use to Be. .
Dayz were so much simpler
Fireworks On The fourth of July.
Thanksgiving had Grandma's Sweet Potato Pie. .
It's Funny How Money Changes Situations,
Back Then Didn't no one have to Worry About these Complications
I've Learned that Even when you're Grown you can still be re-born. .
I Spend Most of My Dayz Lookin back On Those Dayz, Back in the day when I was young.
Oh, How I Wish that Chapter in My LIFE could be Sang into a Song. .
Yes, Yes. . I remember those dayz when the summer's were hell
Compared to Back in the Day..two thousand ten Scream's "FAIL". . .
This decade got the New Generation's Screaming for HELP. . And The Older Generations Blaming.. Themselves. .for not making the Changes we needed. .for future preferences
Yes, we do have a black president. ."my people" what else can we do but try to make the best of it.Haha, I remember Riding in the Jeep For Hours in the way far end of the back trunk we're their were spare seats. .I'm not even going to try and rhyme , even thought I know this is a poem and all. .but it's one of those moments when my soul is speaking to me. . .
I remember when music was actually music. .
The dayz when I was positive that hip hop would never die
Those dayz when the people who created it we're still alive. .
It's Crazy to Me, How Things Change.
I See How Abstract Life is, Like Rose's Made of Concrete
Time Flew by with the Beat Of one Heart Beat. .
I know this is unlikely
But I see my Life to be the height of me
So, Won't You Kome Free My Mind. .
Before this thing called LIFE run's out of Time..

Sick and Tired

I'm sick and tired of witnessing the fakest people are the one's who "claim" to be closet to me. .
I'm sick and tired of being but in a catagory by people that i don't know for being an individual. .
I'm sick and tired of people not knowing what real musiq is. . .
I'm sick and tired of witnessing drug abuse by children under the age of ten. . .
I'm sick and tired of seeing "my people" sell their soul to the devil, inexchange for fame.
I'm sick and tired of seeing Mainstream Artists, being worshipped as Gods..
When we all know real music is irrelavent as of twenty ten. .
I'm sick and tired of everyone thinking that, the world revovles around them. .
When we all know that it doesn't. .
It's revolves around the universe, and the universe is surrounded by the star's, and most of the star's that you see in the night sky are dead, but hey, at least they stuck together at the end of it all . .
I'm sick and tired people that think it's not okay to be themselves..
I'm sick and tired of people posting unmeaningful "quotes" about keeping it real..
when you know damn well, you don't know the definition of being "real". .
You're always all up on facebook explaining shxt like. .
"Realness overpowers fakeness" but then the next minute you're saying "fake it till you make it". .
I'm sick and tired of people being unhappy within themselves..and taking it out on someone else..
I'm sick and tired of our effed up so called..American Society.."recession" Bull. .
knowing damn well. .the government has all of our money. . stashed somewhere that's unavailable to the public eye. .
I'm tired of Cold Nights and Dark sky's. .
I'm tired of fake rappers. .and fake pastors. .
I'm sick and tired of trends and fake "originality"
Oh yeah, and uh..last but not Least. .
I'm Sick and Tired of "You" and all thee rest of You people with "No Soul"..
Who Take God for Granted, and end up suffering the Consequence's. .
Yet still turn your back on other Sinner's of this earth.
So you can get back to pretending to be "Perfect". .
Yes, I'm "Sick" and I'm "Tired"
but the question is. .
Are You ?

Perfect Combination

There are people who are taken, and people who are given,
but only God's will are either of them living,Most of them are alive,
many times just hard to find but i think i've found the one,
He was sent from heaven,I don't know him i say,we've barely even spoken
but my spirit is so drawn to him,make it go away
for hearts will be broken,I dream of him in my sleep,
ever so gently in the night. .I wake up to him in my thoughts,
I kan't stop it..But i must fight for just one drope of his love,
I'll write for it, hey i'm even staying up all nite for it,
And if the night is what it takes to get whats heaven sent,
grab hold to it, cuz life was changed ever since,
for better or worse, there's only one way to find out,
so beyond the physical, tryna figure your mind out,
I found something special in this given person,
she was given by the father and for him,
there's no rehearsin,he makes no mistakes with who he gives his blessing,
so, i guess this mean's i'm taken cuz my mind is where you're resting, to say that i'm feelin you
would hardly do you justice love/ smliey face's and hearts imy text's just because ?
and although everything that glitter's isn't gold,
I'm certain you're worth it so let's see how far it can go,
third factor, yet first and formost is GOD,
and through him, we are forever,
never could we do his job,
Maybe a question i've been thinking about often,
is you on my mind, or this time have i lost it?
always going for the best never settling for less,
yet i've come up short everytime, do i let it rest? or do i press?
cuz i don't want to miss a blessing, I know what's in my heart so there won't
be any guessing and God know's my heart too, so i'll just wait on him to let
me know what to do <3
Suddenly, I stop and think what if this is not a fixation?
Maybe my spirit knows the truth,just the thought brings elation.
I do not believe that love just happens, I believe its really planned,
Just like the birds and the bees, and the pebbles in the sand.
I await my destiny, this man I see in my dream.
I await this moment in which my heart will surely scream.
One day I'll know, oh yes, in the future I will see.
For I know our spirits know ... that together we will be...

Segregagtion of the Mind

So they say we got work to do but we are still standing strong.
We have, teenage pregnancy, domestic violence,Hurricane Katrina,
And we have single parent homes,
We are constantly put on a pedestal by America and our own"people"
We are branded as "niggas"
this is the name in which our own people give us.
Too many times, I've found out the opnion's to be facts
And the facts to be opnion's
We've gotten caught up in the hollywood life
Black Female's considering themselve's as barbie's
Black Male's branding themselves as rapper's
Fake Minister's, Fake Pastor's
White movie producer's teaching us to be more "urban" for movie script's about us and for us
Labeling us as fake actor's. .
While our own "people" label us as backstabber's. .
Standing at the nearest right corner,
in front of the liquor store, around the way. .
Gossiping about why he or she or we or they. .
couldn't be more "blacker"
Witnessing the dream of a young black male shatter
Seeing the life of a young black mother's son get taken in outside of a brooklyn project apartment complex
Watching a young black girl prostituting on a south central corner
Regarding the fact that God warned her, and lectured her that there's nothing in these streets for her
But death, tragedy and sorrow, following in rotation for tommorrow
And the other days that follow
Just because i'm black doesn't mean i'm blind..
And just because you're hopeless now,
doesn't mean you ran out of time.
And just because he black, she black, we black don't mean we committed the crime.
And just because he was proven innocent doesn't mean he won't serve time.
And just because their complaining, doesn't mean it'll stop raining,
Because when it rain's it pour's,
And Complaining won't stop our broke community from being poor,
What we need to do is make a change,
Time to stop little girls from being whores,
America from starting War's
The government from taking money from the poor,
and compliment ourselve's for wanting more. .
Remembering that change first comes from the heart
Try opening up that bible. .
Regaining your connection with God. .
is the perfect start.
Don't let the American race preferences segregate your mind.
Don't let the negativity of society consume your time,
No matter how much they lie.
Constantly trying to keep us categorized,
No matter how hard they try,
They can't segrate our minds, never will I. .
be. .labeled as "black, dumb and blind".

Deadly High

Intoxicated with green leafs
the original green tree's

New grow from pot smoke

puff. .blow, my minds gone.

running around the block, with no shoes on my feet

up all night, smokin tht weed

one pound for the hood, 2 pounds off that wood.

walkin to the nearest corner, tryin sell my last dubb. .

gun shot's, and bullet wounds attack my flesh,

My body falls to the ground on 32nd street. .

i continue to hold my chest. .

trying to save my own life, holding in my last breath. .

I'm screaming for help, but nobody hears me,

My life flashes in front of my eyes. .

Suddenly i'm in a deadly high. .

This L O V E
Love aint what it seem. .

All we have left Is this dream.

And I don't want to wake up

Because with out you, there would be no scene.

Your love filters my brain like a tumor

Your image spread around my cerebrum like a rumor. .

I can't help but not want to wake up from you. .

I mean what else do I have to hold on to ?

Ever since you've been gone.

The melody of my heart beat has been put on repeat. .

Same song. .

Different tone. .

Why try to fight alone?

If beauty could kill

Our Love would be dead. .

Waterfalls of tears running out of my eyes. .

When I think about you my only alternate solution is to cry.

Why can't I be the girl you love

Instead of the one, that wasn't worth fighting for.

If I could I would give my all to you.

It's Funny I figured out that this was all a lie.

Our Love was FAKE

And so were your emotions.

Caught up in the hype

That almost famous shit

Never turned out, the way u wanted it.

Late nights in the studio

Working on some wack shit

Going days without sleep

On some crack shit

Tryna live in the moment

But you never adapted

All this time u were playing me

U should of studied acting

Our Love, just wasn't logical.

But our souls connected

Like triplets,


I wish we would of turned out different


Everything went so fast

Just know that when u decide to relapse

from being unattached from that spiritual connection,

our sexual stimulation, the intensity of our inner most connection.

I will be here.

Not waiting for you.

But I will still be here.

Because true Love rotates.

And when you're on your way back around.

You just might run into me.

And it won't be a coincidence.

If we fall back in LOVE.

and the next time we run into each other.

Everything we've ever shared.

Will still be FRESH

FRESH Like custom made J's

On Karmaloop

FRESH like LB's first free throw shoot

Everything that's LOVE re connects

Just like wifi internet.

You'll fall for me

And. .

I'll fall for you.

And the label of our old LOVE

Will be,

Brand NEW.

-Chasity Stewart

chaos is   chaos is currency in these troubled times   chaos is two star-crossed lovers mainlining the future   chaos is...