Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Morning After....

The morning after.....

We lie here.
Wondering whether or not we found the truth.
Hoping that the touch of each other wasn't as right as it felt.
Or as wrong as it was.
No names
Just whispered words
Barely heard between rushed breaths.
As we wonder aloud. What's next.
Do we play guilty in a crime that lacks suspects.
Or act as if.
Tonight never happened.
It was something we imagined
Nothing more.
Nothing less.
The words that need to be said get stuck in our chest.
So we don't speak.
But our eyes do.
Begging to find a answer when neither of us know the question.
Unsure of what we want to forget.
Or remember.
How you felt in my hands.
or your taste on my tongue
or how the night knows it ours
While we both chase the sun.
Thoughts that play in my mind
On repeat.
and I can't find the stop button.
or my pants for that matter.
Unsure of the next move.
But then.
neither of us want too.
Surprised to find comfort in this moment.
Where we move closer.
I normally don't do this.
Stay long enough for your eyes to see into mine.
And catch me torn between making another mistake
and apologizing for this one.
Even though.
we're not sorry.
We're just young. Crazy.
and your beautiful.
Enough to make me want to stay
The morning after....

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