Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hello I'm kalifornia i have about 50 poems and I have been published in cc&d magazine (in 3 different volumes) the common good press (college newsletter) and in the chaperelle (a college newspaper) I also have had over 9,000 views on my poetry on youtube www.youtube.com/kalifornia3333 and 1,800 views on my blog on myspace www.myspace.com/kalifornia3 i have also been on local television doing my poetry.....I hope you enjoy reading my poetry and decide to publish it as others have

Evil Ways

When I first met you I was obsessed

You face, your body and the way that you dressed

You smiled and laughed and gave me stolen candy

You take what you want and use who is handy

A wink and a smile in your catholic school dress

You take their existence and accept nothing less

A boy or a girl whichever you choose

They fall prey to your beauty and that’s when they lose

Their mind, their soul nothing is wasted

I love your stolen candy it’s the best I’ve ever tasted


Kalifornia christmass

merry fuckin Christmas drowning in our excess

presents candy and booze

some of us take an eternal snooze

we take a gun and blow our head off we have no family just a bottle of smirnoff

when you're opening your presents remember the peasants who are dyin in the gutter

when you're butterin you're bread someones blowin off their head

happy birthday asshole thanks for all the hassle

thanks for creating a day when in order to receive love

you have to pay for a present that you can't afford

well you'll get nothing from me cause you're not my lord

but just this once I'll bake a cake

blow out the candles and make a wish

that you were dead and gone and sleep with the fish

then all over this country we'll be able to say

no longer is it your birthday

but just another day


On The Run

On the run from probation

They don’t know my location

On a permanent vacation

Runnin and gunnin

Gonna get fortune and fame

Get a lawyer and sqaush this shit

I’m not famous yet but I’ll still sign your tit

So hit me up baby pup

You can hide me under your covers

We can be lovers

For a day or so

Then I gotta go

To chase my dream

So I can eat ice cream sprinkled with gold

I sold my soul a long time ago

Now I just wanna know

When’s this shit gonna pay off?


chaos is   chaos is currency in these troubled times   chaos is two star-crossed lovers mainlining the future   chaos is...