Monday, January 31, 2011

Bubble Girl

When she was chosen as McCain's running mate,
As a woman, I wanted her to be more than meets the eye,
Beyond designer glasses and couture duds, attractive enough,
Hopefully not a bubblehead, just not wearing a tie.

But then she opened her mouth, twanging
The same old stories and zingers repeated,
Not ready for prime time, but full of admirable spunk,
No celebratory dance when she was defeated.

Two years plus, where's the growth and expansion?
A contract with Fox News; Facebook Babe twittering "tea" to make her case,
Unwilling to venture beyond safe and secure audiences she can control,
Bubblegirl - how can she seriously think about entering the 2012 Presidential race?

TV celebrity, cartoonishly ignoring truth and consequences,
Her video reactions to "Tucson" was far from a verbal nurse,
Take no responsibility, answer no unscripted questions, live in your base bubble... looks like it may have just burst.

What's that? First Dude, "going rogue,"
With yet another massage therapist giving the profession a bad name,
Where's the digital indigence, making it "all about you?"
Uncharacteristic silence, when there's the National Enquirer to blame.

Finally, a reality show Sarah doesn't want to star in,
Piercing the facade of the Palin "brand,"
Knowing "America by Heart," but maybe not Bristol, or Todd,
With this "pop," has her potential candidacy landed in quicksand?

Karen Ann DeLuca

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