Thursday, October 22, 2009


The Poetess

Oh, Jesus Christ,
another message light blinking
What is this man thinking?

Night after night,
taking such delight in flooding my aura,
my hearing, my sight with lewd, lascivious
desires to own me, touch me,
undress and possess me--

a woman he’s never met

I suppose that will teach me
to try to be kind to a clearly lonely,
warped and unloved mind
his soul aching for resurrection,
so desperate for connection
in a world deliberately passing him by
unwanted, ignored

Now I see why

Godammit ,
It’s still ringing!
Can't he just leave me alone?
I want to be able to pick up my phone
without hearing the heavy broken voice
of celibate desires, unquenched fires
saturating my senses with his wanting

I’m being victimized, terrorized,
dissected and vandalized,
my thoughts and words stolen,
looted, manipulated and diluted
by a strangers idea of love perverted
and diverted my way

Is there no disguise in which to hide
From these probing, voyeuristic eyes?


The Reader

Oh, look at her words gloriously heard
solely in my mind as I read them convinced
she cries out in a night echoing with pain
from love torn wounds only I can hear and heal

How I long to feel her skin
shimmering white, trembling in delight,
bathed in love starved, lingering kisses
laid upon a body unknown,
yet hungered for

Desires inspired by this verbal siren,
I can close my eyes, almost feeling her presence
breathing deeply of her essence
unknowingly consumed by the fires
she’s ignited with her words

No one understands her like I--
Perhaps I should pick up my pen,
remind her yet again

I must open her eyes,
make her see she belongs to me,
destined to be mine …

… forever

awh @March 2009

The Rumor Game

Ah, he said, she said,
it’s the hottest game in town!
Cock that verbal gun, take aim and fire!
Let’s see who can cause the most dissension,
get the most attention, with their
worded blood lust desire?

Load up those bullets
and shoot ‘em kids,
let’s fire at the weak and downhearted
Aim for the jugular, we’ll all take turns
and it doesn’t matter who started

‘Cuz it’s a vicious world,
gotta learn to play that game
Who can we chew up and spit out today?
It doesn’t matter where we aim that pain,
as long as you know how to play

The rules will apply,
as rumors run rampant,
in the game of, ‘what can we start?
Now load your guns, and check your ammo,
we’ll blow those bastards apart!

And we have no shame,
we just mow ‘em down,
we’ll take no prisoners and run
We can step over their bodies,
while trashing their names

But of course, it’s all done in fun!

So come one, come all
take your aim and best shot,
let’s see your talent for wounding a soul
Come on, come on, let’s see what you’ve got
let’s see who you run with and know!

Yes, it’s a vicious world,
and a damned rough game
It’s dog eat dog as they say,
But if you want to survive,
to stay on top…

Then you’d better
learn how to play

awh @ 2007

Amerika Idolizes

Across the nation
Worshipers on
Bended knees
Heads bowed
In adoration before
32” Flat screen
Neon bright a
Shining light
In the dark
Marbleized eyes
Blazing from
Faces split by
KFC slick smiles
As a new
Messiah is
And created
Specifically to
Please and
Appease the
of the masses

On your knees Amerika!
A new Idol is born.

Awh @ may 2009

Wind Up Doll

Pull me from
That dusty shelf
Wind me up
And watch me go

A song and dance
For your pleasure
Your own little
In action

Yes sir! That’s Me!
Your own personal pocket pal!

Occupying you
For the moment
Killing a little time
In your life

But don’t wind too hard
My batteries aren’t charged
And I can be worn down
If I’m over-wound ….

And you'll no longer have
Your wind up doll~

Awh @2008

Cat 5 Alicia

There’s a storm blowing thru
my ravenous soul tonight
relentlessly whipping the winds
of my personal war around me
with the velocity, the ferocity
of a category five hurricane

Harsh furies agitate my sober atmosphere
with the momentum of a bullet train;
menacing to the fragile sanities
being torn from me and ferried out of reach

In righteous wrath and fear,
I raise my fist violently against this turbulent chaos
funneling, channeling the vicious dark spirits
seeking refuge in my core,
the eye of my storm--
this angry ocean of impurity pulling me out to sea,
leaving me washed away lost
in the waves of madness and despair

Battle weary with my rationale threatened,
my voice a howling fury indignant against
the forces ripping away the last precious
threads of my sanity,
the violence wreaking havoc on the wastelands
of my sorrowful, desperate excesses,
I capitulate, swallowing my demons down

Hurricane Alicia abated, my spirit sedated,
I lie hypnotic and calm,
flat lining in the seas of tranquility

Patiently waiting for the next tempest,
I lie dormant and calm in the eye of my storm

©awh july 2007


I lie quietly watching you slowly advance
to your place of worship, driven by
your vocation, your quest for meditation,
zealous redemption of your faith

With no hesitation, reservation
or doubt, you kneel at my alter,
head bowed, sipping of my warm wine

Taste my consecrated flesh,
Oh, sweet sacrament

Slip into my feminine sanctum,
we’ll meet in blessed communion,
professing our sins in beatified union

Reach with me our heavenly rapture,
your lips divine, warm and sweet on mine

We will lie spent, completed,
contented, languid, liquid salvation,
in our confessional

awh @ 2008

Helpless I do not know if good intentions prevail among the elected, among the appointed, leaving me apprehensive that the fate ...