Friday, October 9, 2009

Dear Godfrey
I am an aspiring poet. I have written 77 books of poetry over the past several years and 15 novels; I am new to publishing and am always looking for an audience, I have published 46 poems in a variety of periodicals. I Love to write and offer an experience to the reader. I am a member of The American Poets Society. I hope you enjoy my work.

Ron Koppelberger

Sated Dreams

Against the blazing twilight horizon in passions

Of orchid sashay and rusty erstwhile forevers,

A pulse in the heartfelt redemption

Of currents in cause and desires alight, alive,

Akin to the epic assurance of evermore and a

Star, an invocation in the tinder of sated dreams

And sparrow revelations in black and


Tender Embraces

In embryonic assurances of undisguised love, the

Passionate wills of what is bidden by the saints and

Skies in amber hued prisms of

Existence. The hope of well fed mistresses

And clean cured calm, a pleasure in the serenity

Of tender embraces and eyes in rouge ascension.

Passion and Presence

The ecstasy in fame and strengths

Of wisdom, in purpose and exhibited daze, in dare

And rare wills of repentant troth, in absolute wild,

Sensual abandon and favors of satisfying,

Visible bloom, the purity in sapphire skies and

Twilight fray, the buzz in bones of dusty, desolate

Passion and presence. The seasons in sage arrival

And bidden apple awareness.

Silent Touch

Hyacinth perfections in azure prayers of romance,

In mischief and wild coquette, the passion of tear drop honey

In amber asylums of beauty, existing for the

Love of silent touch

And swathed assurances of devotion,

Wandering by the precious flame

Of yearning hearts.

Sweet Sanctity

Remedies of discovery and vigilance,

An arrow in ascending melancholy

And balanced spectacle,

A trapping in torn vestures of charm,

Descried by the touch of loves sweet sanctity

And passions arrival, the flourishing bond of devoted

Security and care for the ancient arts

Of affection, a tear in gentle waves

Of sufferance and radiant will.

Exhaling Desire

The caress of your tears against my lips

As the world shadows our love and the essence

Of ethereal defiance, sublime temptation to worship

The sustenance of your amber eyes and bonded

Bidden heart, a testimony in rapture

And warm suspiring grace as we share the spaces

Between moments of exhaling


Helpless I do not know if good intentions prevail among the elected, among the appointed, leaving me apprehensive that the fate ...