Monday, October 12, 2009

It's Bad, But Not More Than a Private Affair

Showed the Full Monty to "Monty,"
Pants apparently open Worldwide,
Affairs with female staffers, while in committed relationships,
And married - on the side!

Caught with Stephanie, almost half your age,
So smitten with "Smithy," you drove her home,
Sucking face in Haldeman's driveway,
Did you think he would leave that alone?

It takes two to tango,
Like her brother, she liked "dancing" with the stars,
Not a cheap or stupid trick; not "Dutch" to pay for her law school,
And ask her to be your personal attorney after she passed two bars.

The King of Late Night finally,
Well, at least you got a ratings boost,
With Leno gone, probably would have happened anyway,
Extortion, as the way to rule the roost?!

Sexual harassment?, workplace hostility?
Look closer, sly Stephanie was playing a pair,
Two timing, working both sides of the street,
Hedging her bets on a lair and a "royal" spare.

NOW and Gloria Allred entreaties aside,
Until recently, apparently closed, consensual circles - or triangles - of love,
If employees didn't know and jobs were unaffected,
Where's the need to involve legal review from above?

Kudos to you for taking responsibility,
For Harry's sake, I hope you can "fix" things with your wife,
Become her Late Knight and learn a lesson at 62,
When in the public eye, be a better role model in life.

And while Letterman's healing his family,
Instead of feeding our appetite for salacious fare,
Let's look away and not make his misadventures what they are not,
It's bad, but not more than a private affair.

Karen Ann DeLuca

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