Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This is from a book of hip hop inspired poetry. These are ment to be submissions. My Name is Kareem Carter


I see it like the Eyes of a four year old African AIDS Victim
In a refugee camp set up like a U.N. Aid Prison
I can see it like the Eyes of a American soldier on a Grave Mission
Face to face with a fourteen year old Iraqi Babe with a AK
In Prone Position & is his Decision his blowing her Burka Off
I see it like the teenage child of a Murdered Boss
Spoiled her whole life till the good life Herded Off
Homeless and sexy on a corner doing the Purchase Walk
I sees it like the Eyes of that young Corner Hustler
Face to face with the fact he’s a Goner Brother
Faced with the muzzle of his Competitions Metal
I can see it like the sinning atheist faced to face with the Devil
I can see it in the struggle of a single mother with No Job
Late bills few meals and her families futures looking Macabre
I can see like the kid who just got made in the Mob
In a forest about to feel flames getting caught up in the Job
I see your pain I feel your Worth
I see your hearts heavy swelling bound to Burst
I see you seem stuck in stationary without the will to Work
I see you shivering on these cold streets I feel your Hurt
I can see it the sown up eyes of those Murked
Like the eyes of those who witnessed your Birth
And those tears of the same witnesses who carried you off to the Dirt
I can see you-I can feel you-for real dude-I do Empathies
When that temperature rise sooner then later somebody Dies
I see it in the force of will from those who Survived
Through hardship they triumphed together like the Rise of a Tribe
I see it all like a couch potato with a Crystal Ball
I see it like the running man South of Fatal against Missiles letting Off
See it like Old ladies waiting by the bus stop at the Watchtower
Judging me like they She is HE when they are not Powered
I see it like the bully facing the armed nerd now a Coward
I see it in the virgin victimized Deflowered
I see like those mistakes made in prison dropped soap N Showers
Note the Towers I seen topple like London Bridges
I see it like a little girl raised up to hoe trained by Abundant Bitches
I’ve seen niggaz die for coming shorter than a 100 Midget’s
What I see, seen or Saw
Would blow your brain open, spleen & Jaw
Cause I know people. It's like I've seen the dreams of All

This Anthem of Mine Since we at war now (well then)My Country tis-a-vis.
My country men’s misery
Politically I get to speak my Piece freedoms Speech Divisibly
Mention Me a criminal a mad man Menacing
Mentioning Negative over Positive seeing it all as Obvious
Drop a bomb on a Village or drop food for starving Children you Feel It?
I’m not Militant I love my Country
I just hate it when some Represent my people as Monkeys
They play us like dough or were Gumby
Play us like Spades & Gin Rummy
Just cause we grew up on Slim Money around kids with Empty Tummies
With no GED so Slim Dummy
And dumb Slim ran in Ten Men’s crib for 25th of December Money
And it’s so Funny cause Slim don’t see no more Day Sunny
And his kids will have to Stay Bummy
For those stuck in that State this Place is Crummy
Grow up as the Disenfranchised
As a baby raised on the 3rd rate Unsanitized
As girl grown up around grown men that Fantasize
Sold by your own moms for a Can of Lies
Humanity can be Summarized as a cold world no Summer Skies
A 1000 lives lost in a blinks eye
And the kids is Sinking Guys Thinking High willing to Die
For them rims and that brand new Lincoln Ride
For that platinum Link & Pie why the elders Drink & Drive
Shorty on the corner just to sport the Mink & Rise
106th and Park Demonized in “Living Color” Keananized
Freedoms Ringing? Riiiiiight?? Is that Why we still sitting at the Back of the Bus
Why all these rich niggaz keep Stacking it Up
Why these ghetto little kids is Blasting. For What? Jackson screaming “I am somebody” but aint Backing it Up
Like the other Jackson the Governments Jacking us Up
Molesting the Youth got them like animals Left in a Zoo
With sins so many they Confessing to Who? I lost a friend a Smith & Wesson Etched in my Dude
Lonely all he wanted was to be Next to a Crew
Death could only be Blessing a Lesson of Truth
You learned what’s Expectant of You
When you faced with a man with bomb on his Chest
Destined to Move
Truth reveled like pages in the Good Book
This the Horseman’s year the Hoods Shook
I’m from a County of Crooks that Cook up Good Books
The Good died why the Bad Took
Look fools this the Land Where my Father Died
In a dirty alley with a shank in his Hide
Look this the Land Where my Mother Cried
Living single in the Jungle just trying to Survive
From every mountain Side
Them killers roam the streets Ready to Die
This is my
American anthem cause America kidnapped us & held us for Ransom
And the Plan Son
Is for me not live long enough to leave seeds to Plant in my Grandson
I Am Him the resurrection of Huey & Fred Hampton
Dubois & Hugh’s. I Am Them the Panthers Voice & MOVE
But Who are You
I spit for the Down Trodden
Those over seas across Town trying to bring Down Bin Laden
I spit for the Gs in the streets that make sure it’s Been Poppin
I spit for that chick with three Kids
A nice set of Tits Strip club pole Propping
I spits for them Kids at Christmas with no Gifts & no Stockings
For those that think the bullshit is Not Stopping
I’m not Joking this for Those from Homes Broken
Those of Them that lived & died as Known Tokens
Those ungrateful Slaves with there Graves in the Open Ocean
This for Them.The Folks & Brothers Crips & Bloods that live & die over Colors
I Love It. I Am American Maid. In the club getting American Laid
Me the ancestor of those American Slaves
With crack money getting this Afro American Paid
A sinner Jesus Christ Saved
American Me the son of Allah & Yahweh
I am them kids Raised off Americas Government Aid
I am that Convict Constant why must I Misbehave? I am the sick man & I been that Way for Days
Whoever I Be? I be that dealer in them Project Lobbies
I be that baby that caught stray Crying for Mommy
I am a American Patriot
I feel the plight of those kids fallen from them pilots American Patriots
War I wait for it like the fear of God in the foxhole of a Atheist
I stay on C.P. time some may say we the Laziest
But my life was the Zaniest
Crack baby born & raised in 80s kid
The Greatest kid like Ali & Jack Johnson
Around a pack of rats that sell crack Constant
From Brook Lawn to way Back to Compton
I am Americas Lack of Conscience
I’m that angry nigga Stomping with a Million men Marching
And they got the President Barfing
A million men armed & ready for Arson
Imagine it a 1000 nations Pissed ever Blood Crip
The Five & Six get together and get live & Unscripted
Check this Dude a revolution televised on You-Tube
40 acres and reparations Recouped Too
A message manifested I mobily Boost Dudes
We getting Chewed like Ju Ju’s Only if You Knew
They never Cared about Us.
They put on Airs about Us
They want a mouthy nigga to Shut the Fuck Up
Red neck told a Bra “You either love it or Leave It” I replied burning the Confederate flag screaming “Suck It or Eat It” I the one fucking up Iraq or trying to take back Egypt/
We made it all equal when we were your dirty Secret
Popular coulter made America Peak Kid
Popular Coulter made America Free Shit
Why you sold the seeds of deceit we the ones that Reaped It

Apology In the mornings when I look Earth is overgrown with exhaustion with a sad insomnia An ocean of plastic undulates a...