Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Julien Edmund Moss

Biography: Julien has been writing since age 3. He has published various illegitimate sketches in the Jibsheet, a weekly newspaper published at Bellevue Community College. He graduated BCC with an A.A. Degree in Spring 2007. He’s been published in Always Looking, Love’s Chance, Poet’s Espresso, The Stray Branch, Straylight,, Poetic Matrix Press (, and Northern Stars magazines, and The Sheltered Poet blog ( under August, December, and January. He also has a chapbook out called 24 Poems.

By: Julien Edmund Moss

Exhaustion is an age-old face
Cracked with lines of tire
And with it empty hands they sit
Will laugh you in the mire

Exhaustion creeps behind closed doors
But does not mind if seen
Or is it just a royal prince
Adorned, though none too keen

Some Strange Blooze
By: Julien Edmund Moss

Out of a cataract
I see new things
Open streams
The various oils, paints, and inks
Fauns diving down to lay
Stroke by delicate stroke
Amounted all on canvass

Surf’s Up
By: Julien Edmund Moss

The lone rider
Hunched over on top of his horse
Pike in hand
Babel in his ears
The surf’s up, duck into
No tears are spent
None from a shattered heart

chaos is   chaos is currency in these troubled times   chaos is two star-crossed lovers mainlining the future   chaos is...