Wednesday, July 1, 2009

H.E. Mantel is an Aquarian male, Poet/Writer/Editor published in Print and Online, including Ascent Aspirations, Shampoo, The Apocalypse, A Hero's Journey Anthology, Poetry By Moonlight Anthology, World Artist Network Magazine, Poetic Spit, Poetry Soup (Award), Retort Magazine, Poetry Of Food Anthology, Wordgathering, Poetry Flyer, Doors Anthology (I & II), The Plebian Rag, Gloom Cupboard; awaiting the publication of his poetry collections, "Bananas' On The Moon...A Collection Of Revisionist Haiku" & "Sophistigates: A New Book Of New Poetry"; musician-vocalist, an avid reader, athlete, and devotee of Holistic Health through Vegan lifestyle, Ecology and his Writing to Help Our Earth to Heal. He resides in Florida.


Spring plies her eyes
shallow like bleached wheat waves sallow
bye-bye before the Solstice
& so soon Autumn falls

Sleep soon...

Tides tithe Us
over & over...pleioplea, oh
pleioplea S.T.O.P.*
the climate is rife

Sleep soon...

Winter creaks his frigid tongues
in harsh march
to yanked land
b'low melted seas

Sleep soon...

Cracks belie
the white-washed walls
to hustlers an' hucksters
e'en Uncle Tom

Sleep soon...

What harm
a Psalm here, there
assuage despair
& disparity

Sleep soon...

Must we
when clothing soils
& socked feet sodden wet
change the set

the shred
the lot
too poor, too poor

Sleep soon...

In lofts
of mutant sympathos
terms of endurement

Sleep soon...

in veiled
wiley, viral vile

Sleep soon...

As the Night deepens
now, what'll we
like dumbed lovers concuplicit

Sleep soon
Sleep soon...


(*Save The Overburdened Planete`)


They won
one of those Deere Johns
(TV quiz-a-M'-Bob, Bet Your Meal)
Ride-'em lawn 'n forest mower-boys
just about time
the house on the lawn 'n forest

a pretty green, too
the Deere an' the house an' the forest, once
I recall all of It, now
how Life was once
Cole Porter spouting
"You're The Top", 'til
the Gigolos descended, distended
like carrionistas with twinkling teeth

for the Life
of you
Herb Shriner, Herb Sheldon
Herbie, & Herbie (Amos) And Andy
Vonnegut gave the clues
(Dwayne [Herb] Hoover!)
50,000 yr. old Herbs, easy
for Cunnambeillee's DreamTime

A primaltime
for friend & faux, though
Holidays festived
'til the quest for Powdered More
divested Kansas & Kinkade
Currier & Ives
by the visit of Oz & Raid...
We knew ye Rock-so-Well
macaroni 'n cheese never cheesy enough
now too cheesey to be cheesy-enough

The guy's
in the guise of guys, wired
(has anyone not from Trang Bang ever met Dow Jones?)
in a grip
more wringing than the spin cycle
when the the jaws-of-life
extricated from the mangle
even EMT's, "Wow, looka' that shave!"
like the tan on a corpse

Ever consider
the trunks on elephants
not in the rear, &
as beasts of our burdens
They'll tell you,
"It's only a reflection!"
Like hitchin' a small trailer
to the Deere for one-shop-stopping!
Neighbors? Nah, we're only
passin' thru (...We can trim your yard?), & thru...& through
(mebbe today, tomorrow following St. Patrick?)
Leave America?
Escapade to better...?
America's better is everywhere!
1,000 Lands of the pox
all the Democratic Rudepublics of Nowhere

For the Life
of you
A savory, unmeasured time
every Summers' day a loop...
the Wrensong canonale and robust...

like the reassemble
of a Cuisanarted onion
parroting the realpeal
Haud res
you chafe
small but insignificant
newscrazed for the unnews
& the bandits blurt -
"Anything you need?...Just let someone else know."
Fear is engaging unprotected Love!

For the Life
of you
recall, recall
A savory, unmeasured time
every Summers' day a loop...
when the Wrensong a canonale and robust...



Poems spun-out like
dropchocolates at a carney-
fectioners sugarstand,

claiming the least for
the most, as a fool in a
pool, his no-hands Pin-

Nokia, up to
the nose he in green water
awaits the Next-Tel.,

a Sin o' the Times
claiming "the most for the least,"
nay, the Most with the

Least & the Least for
the Most! via Great Y'all of
the East, hey, y'all no

Who they are (but What!?)
We up 'gainst the Wal's SoundByte-
Poets for Schooling

Uniforms & You-
Niform Schools, preambled jump-
drab, suited by Law

for shorter arms &
longer stays, like all distaff
Mariannas force-

fecunded & faux
funded, manacled-nymphs for
sweaty servidudes,

hovered doechildren
for your coup $3.88
in a Smiling Bag.

"More-For-Less!" (lest you
forget): "Well," she, the evolved-
involved disclaimed, "He's

got-to, gotto' I'
for Ed'cation." Sorry!
And as the righteous

Self-Chosen Whom choose
to march their breed parade 'cross
the lot, in 'n out

to "SabbathSales' Door-
Bluster Gains'Galore" (lest they...
forgot!), eh? And in

astride spare lusting
Ethninnities, Whom concern
to tell theirs - austere

of the Least for the
Most - above the palletiosk
trashtroves, the Poet

expressed in canny
florescent art, yelling to
the standard Smileys.



sumthin' fishy
'bout this tomato...
tries Jud Foodcourt
to Melody Mallmaiden,
wok'd there in a pause-from-the-cause
Jeanpassion pursuit
Rip-Offs (tm)
wallet shreds of fashion...
all-the-rage, expressed

Melody Maybellean
in The House Of Last Lashes
like a CoverGirl
coloans, ounce-for-ounce
Pounds-for-pounds &
garmeant something?...
Off to Bulimia!
the Manmade Paradiez
another cruise from Realationship

For whose
Amusement, Park$
(A m u s e m e n t P a r k s?)
prix fixe
packaged funnn packages
you a sliced an' diced holiday
of the dicey-clean prurient machine
every body's a tourist, even
R.W. Thoreau in H.D.,
'til the Wild Rabbit, or Black Bear
falters & throttles
onto toddlers tumbling down
into Manmade Paradiez!


(thru Detector Gate "K", please)
to St. AllSporrths Ritual Domoplenti Arenarama
(Tonite battles the NuGodds & the DueGodds)
...Hey-ya, get yer NRG Blastwater, Ton-Ite X, SOMA...

Drive the new Dodge Forager
to a styrofoam powerlunch
of cellophane talks, & straws
on the Planete of the Ants
the rapid transit
all ablurrr...

As Baghdads & moms
ferret into depleted piles
- dumpsters would be treats -
for bread & potables
as weaponspeak
terror for the terrorleast...

Mean while
back in the States
of confusion
Pharmapsych rules, aye
Dotson was on the beam
Rader to Manmade materialisms!

(Haud Spes)


He'd heard the clinking
of the jailers' keys, the drag
of shacklechains' man-

'cled ankles, ahead
like Scrooge, pause, &, &...& the
clamppp like coupling trains

the buzzedshutting doors, this was
not the synecdoche\

sinecure, here would
not be the harbingers of
safety for a stripped

aging quitter cut
& pastyfeysted into
the body of an

E-jail, wasted, co-
Commander-&-Cheese of the
Institute For The Study

Of Institutes, shill-
killer for the Kleptokrats,
not long, bablypawn

whore for chewed 'n charred
bones, 'cept... shocked 'n awed in the
perilous Dolt Hall,

here the talk is walked
& no bushes around the beat,
but to take It all,

abided as a
commercial, falls, into jump-
step orange, effete

agent, the evil
in Medieval... It was
the bluest sky at

the trial for, not "Crimes
And Misdemeanors," but War
Crimes And Treason, &

upon Sentencing
& the Gallows, he declaimed,
"But what did I do!?"

He'd heard the clinking
of the jailers' keys, the drag
of shacklechains' man-

'cled ankles, ahead
like Scrooge, pause, unredeemed, the
clamppp like coupling trains!

Before the frozen
beadyglare of terror &
agonied, caught fish

Pause, before the un-
hooded, wagging-blueblack, trapped
snapp!, snapped...inadequate!

(Aequus Nos Inservio)
(Abiit, excessit, evasit, erupit...)

chaos is   chaos is currency in these troubled times   chaos is two star-crossed lovers mainlining the future   chaos is...