Wednesday, July 1, 2009

let me know if i can be a boon such as authoring the entry or other page of your website
or help in whatever capacity that might cater to this fella whose leans left of the political right
based on the following writing style with one who uses his vocabulary with might
airing thoughts and ideas that soar with epiphany as high as a kite
analogous to stream of consciousness thoughts that take flight
yet own a gut level feeling that this flirtatious, garrulous, humorous, et cetera reply
may nary yield one handy dandy blues clues bite!

please consider this older mister mom type chap
with me spongebob square pants peg in the round hole aplumb
a defensive, reliable and safe and prosaic script sure driver who soars over traffic with wings that flap
if that twittering factoid relevant tweet from this virtual beach bum
who would not perform any dare devil stunts lest he become a non-survivor verses a striver using a map.

sorry if my impulsiveness out of sync
with the mainstream formality to establish a link
with this always sane, sensible sober older fellow
no matter you might presume me to take one to many drink
boot in truth, this teetotaler shuns various amber liquids of the dogs
and chooses more holistic methods to rejoice than evoking that clink!

i could moost certainly benefit from a full and/or part time job
hence this rather goofy atypical reply (from craigslist posting) i lob
while gingerly trying to remove kernel32 dll errors
(while gently inhaling ) from this imaginary hand carved corn cob!

anyway,this aspiring writer dejure shoe lee mastered his a, b, c's
'though during test time all my learning seemed to freeze
oh and although the following non-sequitur added comment moost likely irrelevant
back in the day o me early boyhood,
i passed thru the initiation rite of passion sans tickling the ivory keys
in addition to learning about the human species!

in addition, i cobble, dabble with double entendres, nibble and tinker with byte sized words
monosyllabic terms like this or that as my pedigreed intellectual toy
with an intent to affect, invoke and joke with intellectual ploy
opening mine mien whether among jew or goy
ideally to be witness literary employ
and earn an income oh boy
netting gold anchor ahoy!

yeah, i know responding to sundry posting defies conforming to the established formality,
yet nonetheless ask my reply
ideally couched with an affirmative decision with no less than twenty thumbs up well nigh
to be extended an offered a hand for me to join this company as another common joe type noir guy
whose nom de plume ala the bard of belmont hills sometimes used as an alibi!

please no harsh denny grating critiques in reference to the enclosed epistles from this guy noir (who dwells atop the pinnacle of the storied acme building epitomizing an overactive imagination) could attempt to feign being a famous playwright in the throes of that atavistic, beatific, cathartic, democratic, enigmatic, fantastic, galvanic, et cetera glee fill gumption sans making words come to life!

anyway, i hoop whomever screens out an aspiring literary craftsman whose trademark eclectic style as a writer (albeit mainly poetry) finds me composing unique missives, yet feels unsure if the recipient of this reply will accept the enclosed epistles from this guy noir who dwells atop the pinnacle of the storied acme building while dipping his powder milk biscuits into the elixir of life!

this mere mortal frequently feels a. like joost another brick in the wall
or b. feels comfortably numb while alienated in this condemn nation
with the sounds of silence written on the virtual subway hall
and wishes he could escape (like that eponymous spoon running away with the fork)
to the far side of the moon jumping without any fear to fall!

this outlier aka nonestablishmentarian tries to write crystal clear
yet frequently gets entangled in a web of me own creation
and try to convey the thread of the topic at hand with an exuberant flair.

i admit right oof zee figurative bat
nada to be a local hip hop poetic cat
boot thought perhaps to submit dis or dat
for your perusal without instigating a coup d'tat
while browsing craigslist writing gigs from me penna flat
and mebbe a nutter lover o words could be my alter ego voice over
perhaps that infamous doctor zeus creation known as the cat in the hat
or maybe another fellow whose name (by george) might be the same as mine - matt!


matthew harris


poetry and prose appeals to this wordsmith
who admits to political righteous tendencies as an affiliate of democratic party to boot
so, i hoop microsoft file attachment methodology a suitable format to send samples
yet, if no way no how ye do not cotton and accept such method
please git back to this deux score and a hoof year old coot
who dabbles for the sheer joy of cobbling together his ideas
than to be inundated with a humungous amount of loot
only accolades and positive comments would suit
and allow me my own horn and hard art to toot!

unsure if the enclosed files/endeavors adhere to the credentials
to join the winning information technology or writing team
yet heartily felt that extemporaneous waywardness that flows against common stream
which criteria after perusing thence answering the contents apropos you will thence deem
becoming part of the creme del a creme!

joost as an ass side (wit me only intent to tit till late) let me playfully close
this email by readily admitting that voluptuous women
with plenty of junk in the trunk (or to employ the more outdated term zoftig)
does readily prompt a top notch rating of google times ten
for those gals who possess that buxom build plus also smart and able to understand trig
anyway, for your edification, i wish for nada one snarling growl from joining this gig
which latter mental ability might not in the least matter to moost men
unsure if my poems or prose reply you will find abominable bore or be prompt a barrack to dig
but in a nutshell, mine eyes favor gals whose bosom happens to be outlandishly big!

although the election results now ranks as old news, i still feel that adulation beckons cheers defying odds to win the hearts and minds aside from this one voter who cast his vote for a (as he calls himself "mutt" of mongrel - with no insinuation for denigration) toward a biracial mortal male who epitomizes that je nais sais quois ambition du jour to tackle the multitude of local and/or global challenges with his prized defensive team!

no doubt he probably already composed some rough draft per his inaugural address (or yours - eminent president elect if ye happen to be perusing the contents of this email) will address the outstanding crisis that confront the home turf and international world stage populated with tough rooted quandaries, which hardly allows, enables and provides for mushroom to err!

rather than fritter critical and valuable time to blame or fear for the prior republican administration that could be held accountable for the current morass, i reckon that tis prudent to expend the precious sands of time to ameliorate those most serious issues without resorting to fear, which machiavellian technique this admirer begs to differ!

aside from begging to differ with your philosophy to affect guilt in other (as like an invisible prod), the paradigm presented promulgated (in prestigious media resources) pleases this papa of deux daughters, which principles of the first african american occupant of the white house brings solace within this spirit!

no matter mind boggling and overwhelming lesions seem to witness this two hundred quarter plus democratic experiment to hemorrhage and require emergency action, i feel reassured that resuscitation of this body politick will recover and become restored to vibrant health thru the confident intervention thru diligence, intelligence, ordinance, et cetera of (emma) eminence filled pride without prejudice, sense and sensibility to become like some wunderkind in the oval office!

even now (about one month or less) when that oath taken to heart to uphold the covenant of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (as attempted to be codified by founding fathers of this country - i.e. these united states of america) stunned disbelief still abounds within my liberal filled conscience, yet excited at the prospect that one young(ish) noble representative of homo sapiens exhibits much esteemed aura, charisma, dogma, and persona so pertinent at this juncture in the history of fifty states who weathered (yet survived) dramas that nearly rent asunder the very fabric of this amazing society!

unbeknownst to anyone such as dumbledorf, estimable magicians with awesome powers of prestidigitation, j.k. rowling, santa claus, seers, soothsayers, the wizard of oz, tooth fairy), la de da to forecast if thine indomitable agility, civility, electricity, gentility, integrity, et cetera will be effective to deliver superhuman feats of accomplishments!

this audacity of hope (telepathically communicated from dreams of my widower father and late mother) blessedly delivered some capacity of genuine faith that seems hinged on the evident decency enunciated (time and again - ever since ye took to the campaign trail and now amazingly finds one gracious honoree to guide the populace at large) to offer deliverance and salvation!

matthew harris

Capitol hill

house and senate dutifully ply their craft
then end up with the president filibustering their hen pecking bill
submitting unanimous opinion in their legalese drawn up draft
which veto power from the elected chief of the white house doth send a chill
that sometimes warms his cockles vis a vis by a bit of turn the other cheek graft
which comes as little or no surprise to those in the shadow of the hill
whence upon trying to assert their rights seemed scored and laughed
especially when taking a tumble like nursery rhyme characters jack and jill
feel the sharp dejection analogous to receiving the so called shaft
which demonstrative obliviousness to needs and wants prompts the urge to kill
experiencing that sinking feeling like being submerged in a rickety raft
from feeling caught up in the maws of some human like puppy mill
if history serves me correctly, the blame taken out by assassinating mckinley and taft
whereby those who grovel along the boulevard of broken dreams with nil
nowadays sense of security breached by financially levees springing leaks that waft
thru the continental air inspiring this ditty from a figurative quill!

matthew harris


The dim past houses warriors of yesterday
whose lachrymose trail of tears
continue to whet the sympathy of one diehard
dilettante commissar born and bred
upon the soil those indigenous Tribes
(with that ill-fitting misnomer of noble savages)
left their legendary mythic and epic legions of prowess
yet fell prey to a mightier force
whereby treasonous treaties played on innocence and naiveté
interestingly and ironically enough memorializing such mighty peoples
thru place names and sports teams
which patronage ranks as mere condescension
and barely compensates for compensation and vindication
for genocide plus gross mistreatment and sacrilege
of token Native American remnants
corralled on dirt poor reservations
still evoking the tormented ghosts of a forgotten time.

matthew harris


The mean temperature for January two thousand and six (thus far)
noticeably above the norm for this time of year
prognosticators foretell various forecasts per this third planet from the star
which inhabitants upon Mother Earth burden of responsibility must bear
billions of people wanton pollutants ratchet up barometric millibar
dialing up greenhouse effect, which serious scenario scientists fear
correlation from profligate offal ways traced from freed genie in the jar
no longer stretch of imagination affects mankind did sear
since day of reckoning whence Prometheus set stage for war
pitting mankind against Gaia messages we fail to hear.

New Orleans – French quarter

Hurricanes Rita in conjunction Katrina (and the waves) nearly rent asunder the beloved historical quadrant, which sector got settled by a mélange of various and spunky sundry peoples soon after the Louisiana Purchase took place!
If said monetary transaction evaluated in the denominations of today, this exchange of land would translate into mere coppers during the era when Daniel (a boon day) Lewis and Clark Kent bush whacked their way across the virgin terra firmae using rustic archetypes of chain saws!
Levees fortified (with extra minerals and vitamins) shielded the vulnerable swath of land (practically on a par with sea level) stood the test of time until wetlands became compromised by greater influx of population groundswell that (to some degree) made vulnerable the ramifications of natural disasters!
Back in the day when ratatouille the made staple to feed The Army Corps of Engineers who laid the blueprints and foundations for complex edifices to be erected (no fallacy here) could hardly foresee the future time of reckoning whence mother nature would act like a tempest and wreak havoc leaving no glass of Bourbon standing nor canal up rooted!
An inexorable process of late began to witness a resurgence of occupants attempting to restore (and shore up) this historical tract that (no matter how many sweat equity hours of volunteerism) may only approximate an authentic ambience attributed to this unique Creole accent!

matthew harris


Entropy constitutes modus operandi universal state
writ small and large
upon microscopic and macroscopic Tabula Rasa slate
and purportedly prescribed, designed and bestowed
by some divine entity great
(unless one subscribes to dynamic processes of evolution
and attendant theory of punctuated equilibrium)
as one more favorable to rate
yet…no matter and nonetheless
whether former or latter view that does elate
Homo Sapiens continue to make feeble attempts
to order terrestrial world coincident and in concert
with schema of their own mortal fate.

matthew harris

chaos is   chaos is currency in these troubled times   chaos is two star-crossed lovers mainlining the future   chaos is...