Thursday, August 16, 2018


Whose nose ring is
The trademark of Millennial  girls
Sits across from me
And we discuss poetry
And one side of her head
Is shaved like
Lizabeth Salamander
From "The Girl With The Dragon
Tattoo" movie,
Hidden under a baseball
Cap, which she wears

Boyish butt hidden under
Baggy jeans
I try to gauge her smile
And see which way she

Tells me one day we'll have
To read poetry to each
Then discuss it and see
What it means.
I glimpse at her breasts
Underneath her t shirt
And she smiled.
I look inside  her and find
Flowers, growing underneath
All that steel.


She sits on a park bench
And watches a man throw
Bread crumbs on the ground
And her body is the same
Color as the sun
And her eyes are taking
In the world as it awakens
I look at her and i'm grateful
Two worlds came together
She is what makes America great
I watch her as she walking
away, lovely as the sun

Coffeehouse Poem # 296

A woman waits online
As i get a cafe au lait
She's wearing a "Mumford
Phys ed t-shirt," the one
Eddie Murphy made
Famous in " Beverly Hills
I point it out to her
And she tells me, she
Wore it, knowing
Only the cool kids
Would get the reference
She comes closer
Her curves, more womanly
Than when she was an
80's teen, but she's still
Easy on the
If i had a Delorean, i'd
Ask her to travel back
With me to the 80's
So we can do the neutron

One  Christmas

my mom's friend, elise
came over and she brought everyone  gifts
and no one thought about daddy
not being around anymore
my brothers and i,  played and rode
our bicycles,  with her kids
and we forgot blacks and whites
weren't supposed to get along
and mama and elise cooked christmas dinner
the way only single moms  could
and visions of empty rooms and closets
where daddy once was, dissappeared

and the world will one day
live up to dr. king's dream
and left and right will only
become directions
and me and friends will celebrate
the holidays
like i did when i was a kid
naive and happy, and there will be
peace on earth

Christmas, cambridge, ohio, 1998

it was blue eyes, red hair and a scottish accent
that reeled me in and lured me
from maine
i played surrogate dad to 3 sons

alex, loved using my laptop and my library card
joshua, caught the football passes i threw
michael was three  and  just michael

we were as rare as the snowflakes
that fell in cambridge, ohio
i temped in a plastics factory
wore flannel shirts, jeans and boots
and channelled my inner springsteen

our only christmas together, maureen's sons
strung popcorn into jewels
and wrapped it around a tree

maureen and i spent some night
in a two step at local bars
tryin to figure out what love was
every time i came into a bar
the dj's offered to play r and b
as a way of making me feel at home
but i liked all music

maureen and the kids
put a black angel at the top
of the tree

they wanted to let me know they accepted me

A spy in the house of love...

I am a spy in the house of love

A 70s wah-wah guitar riff
Signals my arrival
I want you like an
Old school dodge charger
 I want to feel your kisses
Honey sweet
You're as pure as Pam Grier
Lay down on the couch
Like youre in a  Players magazine

Im a spy in the house of love
Im so bad, my elvis sideburns
Are registered lethal
I use my platform shoes
To call you
Tell you to get here!
Pose for me in Daisy Dukes
Flex the LCD digital watch i gave you
We were Bling, before it was
Called that
Walk around in fuck me pumps
Then love me like a Charlie's Angel

Im a spy in the house of love
A Disco soldier of fortune
Ride with me baby
I'm a bad motha...( shut yo mouf ! )
We'll make Technicolor dreams
Even Martin Luther King wouldnt

Im a spy in the house of love
Be the Anais Nin to my Henry Miller
The Adrian to my Rocky
Be a Bond Girl in my dreams


Doesnt care about the world
She  hates the sight
Of it, from her birdcage

She gave a homeless man
 Money, he turned it into
Cake would have served
Him  better
She lives her life through
Another man's dream
And another woman's
She tried to make money
Her slave
 But instead,  she became its servant

But she's just pissed because
Her better half's  holding and kissing
Someone else in stormy

                                                            Laptop charger

Unfortunately, i dont have a
Laptop charger for an
Apple computer, otherwise
I would let the lady a couple
 Of tables down use it
I dont want to put a nationality
To her face
I could care less about that
I dont care if she is one
 Of  the ones that people use as
As a scapegoat for the worlds ails

I dont care if she is one of
The ones  people
 Say keep america from
Being great
Im only sorry i cant help
Her out
Im not going to put a name
 To her skin color ,even
 Tho its like the coffee in my
 A little more tan, and it would
 Be as lovely as a coconut
 She probably wont die the way
 Eric Garner or Alton Sterling
She'll just sit at her macbook and type
And hope it lasts as long as it needs to
I just hope she gets her work done
Like i hope she'll be able to walk
The streets or travel
And not have to worry if america
Still belongs to her

Erren Kelly

Helpless I do not know if good intentions prevail among the elected, among the appointed, leaving me apprehensive that the fate ...