Thursday, September 20, 2018

The Whale in the Sky
To live in a world where
the pale pearl of a cloud might
be filled with the shadow presence
of a whale,
swimming through the sky,
rising and falling in massive
flight, spouting cumulus from a cavern
mounted on its considerable frame,
and meanwhile, on the earth below,
only beautiful animals, no more slithering
creatures tapered at one end and filed
like knives on the other tip,
ready to cut us down, undulating
threats moving with soiled gleam.

On the Stalk
Silent orb resting
on a gum-pink quivering
base, waving side to side
like the arms of a crazed
fan during the World Series.
This appendage brings
to mind questions of how we
come to know the universe.
The sweeping finger, the lapping
dog tongue, the perusing
eye that travels a library?
Fragments of truth studded with
the remnants of perception?
Still yet is the question
of what we sense and its collision
with what really is.

JD DeHart is a writer and teacher.  He has a new book of poems, A Five-Year Journey, available from Dreaming Big Publications.

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