Friday, September 11, 2015

Newberry Library, Chicago

Despite the digital holocaust
of computers and cell phones,

Newberry Library remains 
the Vatican of books 

with the right sounds
a cough now and then,

a page turning, while out 
on the street a beggar 

asks for spare change. 
Workers with none walk away.

Donal Mahoney

The World in the Year 3000

There are pockets 
of them everywhere,
quiet and discreet.

Usually they meet 
once a week
in private homes

in basements 
some call catacombs.
Depending on the group

a minister will preach,
a priest say Mass
a rabbi teach.

Elsewhere you will find
a mosque on almost
every street.

Donal Mahoney

Con Man Willy

Willy’s old.
Still a con man
but bewildered now.

Spent his life
screwing people,
rich and poor alike.

Never discriminated.
Made millions 
he tucked away

in stocks and bonds
and foreign banks.
A few gold bars

under the mattress
for emergencies.
He’s dying now, 

a shrill curse 
his final gasp.
No plea for mercy.

One might think
death would be 
a con man’s finest hour, 

a last chance to cut
the biggest deal.
But Willy loves Sinatra.

He's proud as hell
he’s done it 
his way.

Donal Mahoney

Political Year

We often fall short,
say the dwarfs.
It’s the way we are.

Don’t make a big deal
of it, say the giants.
Happens to us too.

Can’t see the problem,
say the blind.
What do you mean?

Please repeat that,
say the deaf.
Get to the point.

Have nothing to add,
say the mute.
Can't comment.

But each candidate
brings answers for all
every four years.

Donal Mahoney

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