Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Anniversary Poem

She’s forgotten how great I am,
although I do my best to remind her
after all these years of marriage.

She knew how great I was on
our wedding day and honeymoon
and for some months thereafter.

But just the other day we were
stationed in our recliners
and I was trying to help her see

life as it is and not as she 
has always wished it to be.
And the woman yawned.

She’s different now but it’s better
than being married to a groupie.
Tomorrow I’ll try reason again.

Donal Mahoney
Keeping His Dignity

A poor man comes to the door
after the storm last winter and

asks if he can have something 
to eat if he shovels the walk.

You say forget about the snow.
How about ham sandwiches

on rye bread and he says fine.
You ask if he wants mustard.

He says yes if it’s Grey Poupon,
the only mustard he eats.

Donal Mahoney

Angels or the Fat Lady

It’s pretty simple, really. 
The world will end 
whether we believe 
the Bible is a myth or truth.

If the Bible is the truth,  
the world will end,
a monk told me, 
when the angels come
to sort the good folk 
from the bad and

toss the bad folk into 
fire that never ends 
with weeping and 
gnashing of teeth. 

But if the Bible is a myth, 
an atheist told me,
the world will end
with a final aria
atop Mt. Everest 
when the fat lady sings.

Donal Mahoney

Looking for a Piece
Even though
we’re getting older
even rickety in some respects

my wife and I remain
involved in the joys of life.
We love each other more 

than we did decades ago,
which is why I tell her
on this hot summer day 

she looks fetching 
in those shorts and   
I’m sure tonight 

when the temperature drops 
I’ll be looking for a piece 
of onion on my burger.

Donal Mahoney


When you get old
it’s nice to have all your marbles
even if you can’t count them

even if they look the same color
even if you can no longer hear them 
bounce off each other when your son

brings your grandson over
and he shoots marbles all over 
the house and they careen

like your thoughts this morning
as you try to recall where you put 
the marbles after the boy went home 

and you get down on your hands 
and knees and feel around and find them 
so when the boy comes over again

you can hand him the marble bag 
because your son just called 
and the boy will be here in an hour

laughing and shouting and wanting 
to shoot marbles all over the house
like heads rolling in Syria and Iraq.

Donal Mahoney

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