Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Had some beer and rum on Wednesday night, had a bit more the next night too and today all I can think about is getting just a few more still
Friday night should be a time of revelry, a time to unwind from the week at work but for me, tonight is going to be a nice and quiet one unless of course those stupid kids decide to party again
Their last one went on for 4 days straight, starting Friday afternoon and finishing Monday morning, and by the end I was out of my mind with despair
Screaming for saturation when the noise pollution came to an end.

So tonight I’m not sure what will transpire, just messaged my drinking buddy but that might not mean much tonight; bumped into him earlier and was deep in thought about getting out of here.

But tonight, the banging has already started.  Upstairs the hammer starts functioning and all I want to do is sleep, drink, fuck or weep but no chance of any of that now.

Got word earlier that the landlord is raising the rent again, to the giddy heights of 450 per calendar month and all this in a place where in the not too distant past we lost a flatmate to suicide and the bed bugs were winning the battle
To seize control of the house and all I can wonder is what would the increase have been without these incidents?  If you hear the plaster fall off inside the walls every time our new huge monster of a housemates
Takes our poor old steps two at a time; I chuckle at the prospect of the day when he goes straight through and the fucker who owns this house tries to raise the rent again.

Our maintenance guy is worse than useless, out doing things to make it look pretty when we all know it’s fucked.  Why bother painting the front of the house when you really should be re-building?
It’s all driven me to drink, drink to forget, drink to numb myself to just how awful my life has become, drink to just get some sleep.  But it would appear tonight I still ain’t had enough and now the inevitability of what will transpire tonight comes into full glare.

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